Blu-ray &Software Steven Kippel on 08 Jan 2008

Digital Playground behind Blu-ray

Digital Playground behind Blu-ray

Digital PlaygroundDigital Playground has announced they will be supporting Blu-ray strongly from this point on. Though not nearly as big or important as Warner, Digital Playground is currently the number one porn producer in the country.

Digital Playground is one of the first porn studios to release in high-def, and just last year at CES they announced they were going to support HD DVD exclusively due to replication availability (at the time only a handful of Blu-ray replicators were up-and-running). Just recently they made the move to release their first Blu-ray Disc title citing PS3 owners demanding it from them. After the release of their first BD title, Digital Playground announced it was selling “gangbusters.” Apparently it was selling well enough to move them to Blu-ray completely.

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