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Hardware Steven Kippel on 02 Jan 2013

Samsung hyping new TV ahead of CES

Samsung hyping new TV ahead of CES

Samsung is hyping the unveiling of a new TV that is “unprecedented.” They’re doing everything but using Apple’s favorite hype word, “revolutionary.”

“A true innovation of TV design,” they say, with a “new TV shape and timeless gallery design.” They’re sparing no adjective to hype this new TV.

I’m not sure what kind of TV could have a “new shape.” Certainly from the video it doesn’t appear to be too radical of a departure from the rectangle.

[youtube IAV-Kkq-GtY]

The only other clue is the teaser image they’ve published which shows a lone tree on a barren landscape in a frame. The frame casts a shadow on the foreground, while the landscape outside the frame appears to be a bit darker with more contrast.

Samsung hype TV

What can we deduce? The video shows a regular-shaped HDTV on a pedestal. The text talks about a “new shape” and a “gallery.” And the image shows a portrait frame which I’m taking to signify “out of the box.”

We’ll know soon, but I’m guessing an apps-focused TV with either AMOLED or OLED technology with a nonexistent bezel. Their marketing department is certainly doing their job.

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