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Speedlinks Wes Novack on 23 Feb 2007

Speedlinks – February 23 2007

The Speedlinks section provide links and summaries to news and articles on other sites that cover interesting Blu-ray, HD DVD, DVD, CD or other related topics.

Blu-ray ISO editing
New free utility BRDGEN provides Blu-ray image (ISO) editing capabilities. Found via CDFreaks.

Blu-ray heads to Russia
Samsungs’ BDP-1000 Blu-ray player heads for Russia, even though Russia won’t have Blu-ray movie titles available for awhile.

Blu-ray patent licensing negotiations
Blu-ray patent pool holders battle out joint Blu-ray technology licensing, the press release claims “significant progress”, but the various patent holders are still currently licensing out their technologies separately. Not big news really, just “continued meetings”. If an agreement is formed, it would make it easier for Consumer Electronics and other device makers to license Blu-ray technologies and create Blu-ray products.

10x Blu-ray DL and HD DVD DL under development
Nichia announces new blue laser diode capable of 10x DL recording on Blu-ray and HD DVD. Production of the diodes is slated for the second half of 2008, which means that consumers won’t see them until 2009.

National Geographic goes High Def
Relentless Enemies film planned for both HD DVD and Blu-ray releases planned. This is the top selling National Geographic title on DVD.

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nob &Speedlinks Wes Novack on 17 Feb 2007

Speedlinks – February 17 2007

DiscNewsI thought I would try a speedlinking section to highlight some interesting optical storage stories from around the web. If you have an opinion on the speedlinking feature, let me know in the comments section.

A black Xbox 360 HD DVD drive not available to the public.
Adam Sandler jokes about the origins of Blu-ray.
Sharp announces a Blu-ray standalone recorder.
Japanese manufacturer Funai to release budget Blu-ray player.
Plextor announces a new 18x DVD burner, probably a rebadge from LiteOn.
ESS sells HD DVD and Blu-ray video processing technology to SiS for 13.5 million.