16X Double Layer DVD+R on the way

[dvd+r dl logo]16X Recordable DVD9
I have received unconfirmed reports that Verbatim is currently developing 16x DVD+R DL (double layer) recordable media. According to the source, these high speed double layer discs are slated to be released in the 2nd Quarter (2Q) of this year. Please keep in mind that this availability date is not set in stone and the product could very well be delayed depending on various factors.

Even if Verbatim does develop the higher speed DVD+R DL media, they will need to wait for the spec to be approved by the DVD+RW Alliance before production and delivery can begin. This process normally takes 3-6 months.

High speed and affordable DVD+R DL media could mean more trouble for the blue laser formats, Blu-ray and HD DVD. If consumers and technology enthusiasts have the option to purchase affordable, good quality double layer DVD media for personal use, they may not be inclined to upgrade to the costly blue laser systems.

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7 Comments on “16X Double Layer DVD+R on the way”

  1. All very interesting….

    really cant be all that long before a burner is sent into testing then… my guess is liteon will come out with the burner first, albeit at lower quality to what pioneer will bring out a few months later…

    cant wait to get my hands on one, hope it’ll drive down the price of 4 and 8x blanks when released…

    Caelum – speedlabs.org

  2. Hey Caelum, thanks for your reply. 🙂

    I’m also anxious to see the first 16x Double Layer burns, the initial 16x DL burners will no doubt use a Z-CAV burning method, only providing a small time savings over current 8x P-CAV DL burns.

  3. I have got a pc with DVD+R DL rewritable. but unfortunatly when i tryed to burn a dvd 1st it tooks an hour to burn secondly the dvd cant be played.i tried to burn on dvd-r got the msg sayeing somthing Double Layer dvd needed. v got no idea…my pc called acer with DVD R/RW ULTRA SPEED COMPACT DISC… ANY IDEA…PLEASE HELP

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