Mobile Phones &Software by Wes Novack on 26 Jul 2020

2020’s best priced photo postcard app: SnapShot Postcard

I’ve been using and writing about photo postcard apps for a long time! Back in 2011, I wrote about “Shoot it!” for Android (now defunct). Then in 2014, I compared and wrote about Four postcard apps for IDG’s Greenbot.

From my article in 2014, I highlighted Touchnote as the app with the best UX and the best features at the time. Nonetheless, I used the PostDroid (RIP) service the most, because they offered deep discounts when you bought a large batch of credits.

SnapShot Postcard Android App


With PostDroid defunct and Touchnote’s ever-increasing pricing, I was looking around for a new option when I stumbled upon Postcard App by SnapShot while searching through the Android Play Store.

After installing SnapShot postcard from the Play Store, it will show up with the name “Postcard” in your app list. The first credit for new accounts is free, which is a great way to entice new folks to try out the service.

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Mobile Phones by Staff Writer on 20 Jun 2020

Things Killed by Smartphones

We all love our smartphones, they literally have all that we need, in one portable device that we can easily customize to suit our needs. And because the smartphone has everything that we need in one place, there are some things that are slowly dying or being killed by the smartphone. While at the same time, there are some things like uk slots online that are growing due to prevalent use of smartphones. Below we shall look at some things that smartphones are slowly causing to become extinct.


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Mobile Phones by Staff Writer on 20 Jun 2020

The Best Offers from the Top Smartphone Brands Right Now

Getting the best smartphone comes with a lot of advantages. For example, you will get to enjoy the best french online casinos gaming with the best visuals and a better performing phone right now. It might come at a price but it will definitely take you a step closer to that real money win.

However, the problem might come when it comes to picking the best smartphone brand. If that is the case, this article is going to be giving you the best phone brands and the best that they have to offer for 2020.

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Hardware by Wes Novack on 09 Nov 2019

Bosch 800 Series dishwashers

If you are a tech enthusiast looking for a new dishwasher, then you should check out the Bosch 800 Series.

This line of Bosch dishwashers comes in a variety of styles and faces, many of which have stainless steel fronts. If you need another style, they also offer models that include white or black front surfaces.

These 24″ width dishwashers make room for 16 place settings and include 6 wash cycles (including a five-level wash), as well as unique options such as “Extra Dry”.

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Mobile Phones &Software by Staff Writer on 09 Nov 2019

Applications that are a Must for your iPhone

The number of people who use iPhones are growing each day. With every new model of the iPhone that is released scores of people abandon their old phone for a brand-new iPhone. That is why we want to recommend a few applications that you need to have on iPhone. 

iphone app icons

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Hardware by Staff Writer on 31 Aug 2019

Amazing Examples of New Mass Transit Technology

With a lot of online casinos and real money slots, it is very safe to conclude that the world is flooded with a lot of visionaries. These people are the real heroes who are very much determined to take the world forward with some world-class invention. To them, it doesn’t matter what they intend to lose in the long run as long as they make sure that the world is now a better place for everyone despite different race and beliefs. 

arc of light in the sky caused by a rocket

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Software by Staff Writer on 31 Aug 2019

Importance of Technology in Business

It’s very clear that technology saves time and effort in business. On top of that, it also enhances the security of the organization. There are many other reasons why technology is important in business, which we are going to list in this article, but most importantly, technology allows businesses to run efficiently and smoothly. Read on to find out the importance of technology in business.

group of people talking

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