Hardware &Mobile Phones by Staff Writer on 11 Aug 2019

The Best Budget Smartphones 2019

No cost EMI and wireless carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T make buying an expensive smartphone cheap. But in the long run, they end up skimming smartphone users of hundreds of dollars. Whether you pay with cash upfront or in installments, it does not matter. You would want to get to play some great games on them with a Caesars casino bonus code for sure. 

So, to solve this problem we have come up with a list of affordable (yet amazing) smartphones that you are sure to love.

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Hardware &Mobile Phones &Software by Wes Novack on 06 Aug 2019

Amazon Echo Auto review

Back in May, Amazon targeted me with a special pre-release offer on an Amazon Echo Auto for $25, which is supposedly half price from their target retail price of $50. I bit and grabbed one to try out.

Below is a photo of the Amazon Echo Auto, sitting on my van’s dash.

Amazon Echo Auto Device on my vans dashboard

Setting up the Amazon Echo Auto

I unboxed the Echo Auto and inside I found the device itself, a dashboard mount, a USB cable, an automobile lighter USB power port that boasts 4A output, an auxiliary cable, a small instruction book and a “Things to Try” card.

For my van, I plugged in my pre-existing auxilary cable, as this vehicle doesn’t have built in bluetooth capabilities. I turned on the power to the vehicle and then proceeded to the Amazon Alexa app on my phone, as the instructions guided.

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Hardware by Staff Writer on 20 Jul 2019

The Best Over-Ear Headphones 2019

Forget ear pods we have the best over-ear headphones of 2019 lined up for you to select from. With different models and types to traverse through, the market for the best headphones seems endless. To save your time and efforts we went through hundreds of options, from Wired to Bluetooth, and this list covers designs to suit everyone. You are sure to enjoy your experience on states-lotteries.com even more now. 

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Hardware &Mobile Phones by Staff Writer on 20 Jul 2019

Portable Tech Gadgets You’ll Want to Use Everyday

Technology has taken over the world, with every advancement we get more dependent on gadgets. Millions of portable gadgets make our life easier by simplifying tasks on the go. If you have won money on suncasino.codes, we are sure you want to buy something useful with it.

For tech geeks, finding the right gadget is a satisfying experience. And not only geeks, but people also love to encounter different and helpful tech gadgets that they can use every day. So, we have painstakingly compared various tech products for everyday use that you cannot resist!

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Entertainment by Staff Writer on 20 Jul 2019

The 10 Best Virtual Reality Games You Can Play Right Now

Virtual Reality (VR) has taken over every industry.  Even casino sites like us-online-casino.us, have some great VR games on offer.  

Then, there are some VR games that go beyond imagination to teleport you to a dimension so vivid that distinguishing between what’s real and what’s not becomes impossible. So, put on your VR headsets and gear up to enter into a completely different world with these gems we have compiled for you. 

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Entertainment by Staff Writer on 14 Jul 2019

The power of music

Music is the one thing that we can all relate to. This is because the symphonies and the sounds are things that don’t need words to be understood. Furthermore, unlike human beings, music doesn’t need to be explained, it just needs to be felt. That is why today we are looking at a few reasons why human beings are unable to survive without music.

Image of guitar player

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Hardware by Staff Writer on 16 Jun 2019

Best earbuds 2019: for any budget

Earbuds have become a necessity in our lives. However, some earbuds will make you break the bank so that you can have a pleasant listening experience. If you are looking for the best earphones in 2019 for any budget, here is a look at some of them. Most of the earbuds below fall under $100, which means you can use them for everything from listening to your favorite music to playing the best browser games anytime you want.

earbuds on counter

The Top Earbuds You Can Get

Whether it is the comfort, a great price point or the fact that it’s great listening to music with them, these earbuds are a steal for what they have to offer.

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