"300" Coming Soon to a Home Theater Near You…

“300” Coming Soon to a Home Theater Near You…
The surprise hit “300” is set for DVD release on July 31, 2007. Directed by Zach Snyder, it grossed a stunning $210 million dollars at the box office. Not bad for a movie with a $60 million dollar budget, filmed entirely in a warehouse. With the movie’s pending release, the studios are no doubt anxious to pad that gross profit number. That should be easy to do with the public excited to add an emerging cult classic to their personal libraries.

These days, the consumer has a lot of different formats to choose from as well, and this title is no different. “300” is being released on all three formats; DVD, HD DVD, and Blu-ray. All formats have a lot to offer but the HD DVD version is offering some very compelling additional content. 300The HD DVD version has more features available for the consumer, because the interactive HDi features of HD DVD have already been finalized and content providers are already working with it. Unfortunately for Blu-ray owners, the interactive component of Blu-ray (BD-J) has not been completely finalized and Warner has not created much content for it to date.

The Blu-ray and the HD DVD both offer additional scenes and featurettes in High Definition, as well as on-site “Webisodes” but the HD DVD offers even more. At a sticker price of $39.99 you’re paying an additional $5 over the Blu-ray. However, as they say, “you get what you pay for”. The HD DVD comes with the standard DVD format on one side of the disc, and HD on the other side. So if you don’t have an HD DVD player yet, don’t fret. You can watch the movie on your current system and will be ready to watch “300” in HD just as soon as you get your butt to the store and pickup a new HD DVD player. The HD DVD offers a disc jammed full of additional content including web downloads,a strategy game, and even a cool PIP running comparison between the blue screen, pre-cgi version of the film and the final cut. For my money this is a title you don’t want to miss. Heck, I may even go get an HD DVD player for my bedroom so that when my wife banishes me to the room to watch this “guy flick” I won’t miss out on all the extras.

Editors Note: I would like to extend a very warm welcome to WesleyTech.com’s new writer, David Larkin. David currently works as an IT Process Engineer for a Managed Networking company and has an affinity for high definition content, gaming, gadgets and new technology. We look forward to David’s contributions as we bring WesleyTech to a whole new level.

3 Comments on “"300" Coming Soon to a Home Theater Near You…”

  1. You’ve been reading my mind.

    It’ll be a few weeks until I get an HDTV, but i’ll be buying this anyway. Good to know my family can watch in SD now, then I can get my eyeballs blown out the back of my head in HD later.

    Would have preferred seperate discs rather than combo though as I always avoided flip discs and full/widescreen double sided discs in SD-DVD.

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