8x Blu-ray Recordable (BD-R) developed by Moser Baer

8x Blu-ray Recordable (BD-R) developed by Moser Baer
Moser BaerMoser Baer India has developed a new Blu-ray Disc Recordable (BD-R) media that is capable of reaching 8x recording speeds. This is twice the speed of the fastest, current available Blu-ray burners, which can now write at 4x maximum. The new discs are 8 times faster than the current HD DVD-R technology, which is still snailing along at 1x. It is also worth noting that HD DVD burners are still extremely rare within the consumer computer market. The new 8x BD-R technology was developed jointly with OM&T, which is the former Optical Research and Development arm of Philips and is now part of Moser Baer.

How fast is 8x BD-R?
An 8x BD-R disc will record at approximately 36 MB/s maximum, which should translate to under 15 minutes for a fully written 25GB single layer BD-R. The total writing timeframe will depend upon the recording technique used. A CLV (Constant Linear Velocity) writing technique will result in a faster total completion time (~12 min) compared to a Z-CLV (Zone Constant Linear Velocity) technique. We will have to wait and see what type of writing technique is utilized by the first 8x BD-R burners.

These faster BD-R recording speeds will be warmly welcomed by computer enthusiasts and Blu-ray consumers, allowing for even faster backups of Blu-ray movie titles. It seems that Blu-ray recording speeds are increasing at a faster pace than DVDR speeds were developed. Blu-ray Recordable drives are far from being widely adopted due to the high price points (among other factors) and we are already seeing recordable disc manufacturers reach near the maximum theoretical speeds for Blu-ray Recordables. Source: TechShout via CDRLabs.

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