Blu-ray Wes Novack on 05 May 2007

A pictoral explanation of high definition

A pictoral explanation of high definition
Last week, 20th Century Fox launched a new website dedicated to Blu-ray Disc technology, According to a recent press release, Amazon had been previously linking to a Blu-ray informational page located on a Fox website and the decision was made to create a dedicated website to house this Blu-ray format information. This website has one particular image that I believe does a good job at explaining the concept of high definition within a single, easy to comprehend graphic.


Note that the smallest rectangular area in the image (labeled as 480 – Standard Definition) is being used to represent the picture quality of a standard DVD video. The larger 720P and 1080P rectangular areas are being used to represent High Definition picture quality and provides a quick, easy to understand representation of how superior a high definition image will be compared to other resolutions.

The Museum of low resolution?

A member of the Blu-ray Europe promotions group also contacted me to let me know that they have launched “The Museum of Low Resolution“.


I took a quick look at the Museum of Low Resolution website, which primarily contains interactive Adobe Flash media content. The “resolution timeline” starts by discussing the ancient argument on whether the earth is flat or round, then jumps to talking about golf vs miniature golf and then finally lands on standard definition vs high definition. My guess is that this is a sorry attempt at humor, but in my opinion it falls painfully short of even basic amusement. The background sounds are extremely annoying with little bells and chimes going off all over the place and the site is sluggish and does not always flow smoothly. At least the PerfectHiDef website is decent. launch news found via CDRLabs.

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