Blockbuster Total Access experiencing major issues

Major issues with Blockbuster Total Access
This past week, a few of the previous articles that I published about Blockbuster Total Access Problems and Blockbuster Total Access delayed timeframes have been getting some major exposure and traffic.

UPDATE: You can now discuss Blockbuster Total Access problems at Take a quick moment to register and start discussing Blockbuster Total Access with other members today!

Visitors from all over the country are reading these articles and reporting on numerous issues with the Blockbuster Total Access shipping system. Many of the commenters have stated that they have not had any movies shipped for over a week or more, even though they have plenty of available titles listed in their movie selection queues. Complaints to customer service have resulted in some “ecoupons” being given out, but many customers are still very upset and unsatisified with the Total Access service. Some people have been unable to reach Blockbuster Total Access customer service over the phone at all, presumably because they have been swamped with calls. According to others, Blockbuster has claimed that they have a “glitch” in their system, which has prevented movies from being shipped out to Total Access members. If you would like to read about these first-hand reports yourself, head on over to the comments sections here and here.

Tell us about your Total Access Problems
If you are also experiencing major problems with Blockbuster Total Access, we would like to hear about it. Let us know in the comments section of these articles.

Blockbuster Total Access discussion forum?
With all of these issues going on, I’m wondering if I should setup a Blockbuster Total Access discussion forum for members to talk about the problems and details of the service. If you would like a forum setup for this sort of thing, let me know your interest by replying in the comments below. If enough people show an interest, I will set up a forum where issues can be tracked and discussed in a central location. Thanks!

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12 Comments on “Blockbuster Total Access experiencing major issues”

  1. Thanks Cindy, glad to hear there’s some interest. Anyone else interested in a forum where we can centralize all the discussions? If I get enough interest I should be able to have one up and running this week.

  2. Wesley, a forum would be nice if it would help to get these issues fixed.

    I have not had any DVDs shipped in 2 weeks now. My neighbor had 3 DVDs shipped today, all of which are in my queue as well and 1 even has a short wait.

    I took advantage of their Total Access program, my neighbor did not. It appears that those who did participate in the Total Access program are being discriminated against.

    The same thing happened over a 6-weeks period during November and December of last year, though it probably was not as wide-spread as it is now. I was on the 4-out program and never had 4 DVDs out during that period. It took Blockbuster about a week to ship out new DVDs after a return was checked in.

  3. blockbuster online has a BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU link on their website…i got tired of emailing their customer service department. Maybe if more people complained to better business bureau something will be done to correct this “computer glitch.”

  4. Blockbuster hasn’t sent me any rentals since 02/23/07. I’ve sent them numerous emails to their “customer care.” At first they tried to pacify me with 2 free in store coupons, but now they wont even return my emails. I’m going back to Netflix.

  5. Mike, same here. 2/23 seems to be the magic date when they stopped sending out movies to Total Access users.

    No DVDs for 2 weeks, so I signed up for a new account and they shipped out 3 movies the next day.

    I am still waiting for those movies on my original account.

  6. Well Jake, the magic date for me was 2/14 and that was the date that they actually had the nerve to BILL me! Anyway, after THREE weeks, I noticed that my queue had two shipped out today. Definately a breach of contract. And Wesley, thanks for letting us vent! A forum would be great!

  7. I would definitely get refunded if I was in this situation. A coupon would not satiate me.

  8. Yes! I think a forum would be great. I, too, have not had a movie shipped since Feb. 24th.
    It would be great to have the discussions on this topic all together. I have been trying to ascertain how widespread this problem is.

  9. Thanks again Wesley for allowing all of us to vent. It looks like Blockbuster Online, for now, has started sending movies out to their Total Access customers. I still believe that it’s a matter of time before they start playing the same old games. I noticed just an hour ago that they had sent me a THIRD movie from my queue instead of the one month free extension that I was promised. I am on the 2 out at a time plan. My next bill date is Mar. 14 and have only received 2 movies since Feb 14! I guess they think that sending me one extra movie before my next bill will make me a happy customer.

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