Blu-ray Disc in the microwave video

Blu-ray Disc in the microwave video

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you tossed a Blu-ray Disc into the microwave and then unleashed a dose of radiation treatment upon its’ rounded form?

Most people (including myself) would guess that the result would probably be very similar to what happens when you microwave-toast a CD or DVD. If you are not in the know, frying a CD or DVD within a microwave will result in a spark-flying show reminiscent of a fireworks display. But will the Blu-ray Disc results be the same? You will have to take a peak at the video below to find out for sure.

[youtube 4dRtyrKZua0]

Disc abuse! Is this optical media torture the result of some HD DVD fanboy with a grudge against the BDA? More likely, it is probably just some curious george that was willing to sacrifice a disc for this very unscientific video experiment. Hopefully, this will save any curious cats out there the trouble of toasting one of their own Blu-ray Discs. Please note that this type of “experiment” will most certainly damage the disc being used and could also result in a destroyed microwave, so it is not recommended that you try this at home…

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