Blu-ray &Random Wes Novack on 03 Jun 2007

Blu-ray laser in your pocket

Blu-ray laser in your pocket?
Neko Advanced Technologies recently posted the following promotional video for their new “Blu-ray” professional laser, the NT-L-118 V-SERIES.

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According to the video, the pocket sized laser device features a “Blu-ray” 405.5 nm high output diode. The laser is 5 3/8” X 9/16” and is powered by two AAA batteries.

Blu-ray laser or just blue / violet?

While this is certainly a “cool device”, it technically has nothing to do with “Blu-ray”, the optical storage format developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA). It does use a blue laser diode, which may or may not be similar to the diodes used in real Blu-ray Disc devices. Nonetheless, if you want an extremely powerful and really cool violet/purple laser, you can snatch one of these up on ebay now for $349.99.

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