Blu-ray player problems with enhanced mode

Samsung Blu-ray player problems with enhanced mode
I found this video over on YouTube from a person that was experiencing Blu-ray player problems with his Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray player. In particular, he is experiencing playback problems when trying to access the “Enhanced Mode” of the Blu-ray Disc movie title, The Guardian (a Buena Vista film). After clicking on the “Enter Enhanced Mode” option, the Blu-ray player hangs on a loading bar animation. So who cares? Well the video author has some enjoyable music playing during the whole video and even chimes in with some pretty funny subtitles. Check it out!
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There have been many Blu-ray playback problems reported on the Samsung BD-P1000 standalone Blu-ray player, but many of these problems have been fixed via a firmware update, which can be obtained from Samsung. Even after the firmware update, it appears there are a few additional problems (such as enhanced mode) that Samsung will need to address with this unit, hopefully with yet another firmware update. Please note that the playback of the main movie works just fine on the Samsung player, only enhanced mode has problems.

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