Blu-ray rips coming soon to a Torrent tracker near you

[lordofwar image]muslix64, the person responsible for creating the BackupHDDVD tool, recently announced that it is now possible to successfully rip and decrypt Blu-ray (BD-ROM) Disc movies. He was able to decrypt and play a Blu-ray media file using the VideoLan player without using any Blu-ray equipment at all! The first Blu-ray “victim” appears to have been the movie “Lord of War”, a Lion’s Gate Film.

A fellow Doom9 forum member (Janvitos) assisted by providing the Blu-ray files along with a memory dump. The memory dump was obtained from a Blu-ray Disc software player (such as WinDVD or PowerDVD) and is used to obtain the keys needed to decrypt and playback the Blu-ray media files. In a nutshell, muslix64 uses a powerful crypto attack to analyze the memory dump data in order to obtain the necessary decryption keys required for Blu-ray media file playback. The Blu-ray and HD DVD software playback programs hold the encryption keys in plain text in system memory. Because of this, it is possible to look for patterns and discover the keys. For the nitty gritty details, head on over to the thread.

As of this post, there does not appear to be any Blu-ray rips on the PirateBay torrent tracker, one of the world’s largest BitTorrent tracking websites.

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4 Comments on “Blu-ray rips coming soon to a Torrent tracker near you”

  1. I dont think so. They have yet to break the BD+ protection.

    Also no releases are out while for hd dvd there are all over the torrents!

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