Blu-ray Wes Novack on 06 Feb 2007

Blu-ray surpasses HD DVD in total movie titles available

Today, February 6th 2007, the Blu-ray camp wins another small victory in the next generation format war. According to EngadgetHD, Blu-ray now has 159 movie titles available, while the HD DVD format is totaling up with one less, at 158 movie titles. This means that Blu-ray now has more movie titles, more players, more market-share and is maintaining a lead over HD DVD in many key areas. This could all change soon though, as Universal Studios has committed to 100 exclusive HD DVD titles for 2007, with the specific release dates currently unknown. Lionsgate is the studio responsible for pushing the available Blu-ray movie totals above HD DVD totals this week by releasing titles such as Reservoir Dogs and others.

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