Cargo Blu_ray High Definition Make-up

Cargo Blu_ray High Definition Make-up

I was recently informed about a “Blu-ray” make-up line, from the cosmetics manufacturer Cargo. With a good amount of skepticism, I did some searching online and quickly found the referred to products. Here is the description from the official website.

“CARGO launches blu_ray, a revolutionary collection created for make-up artists filming in high-definition. The biggest challenge for these artists is making sure that make-up looks natural. Complexions must be flawless and, above all, natural; because in HD any heavy-handed coverage is amplified. The result of our on-set testing is blu_ray: a collection of products providing picture-perfect make-up that looks perfectly natural.”

Cargo.Blu_ray.Make-upWe’ve heard of high definition video exposing the detailed flaws of actors & actresses before and this line of cosmetics trys to fill the need for hiding those flaws.

Notice that the line is titled “Blu_ray” with an underscore and not the traditional Blu-ray, with a hyphen. Clever on the part of Cargo. I’m guessing that this line is not officially endorsed by the Blu-ray Disc Association, hence the play on the term Blu-ray, using an underscore.

At the least, this is one new way for all of you High Def geeks to try and convince your woman to go “Blu_ray”. I’ll file this one under strange stuff and Blu-ray bandwagon hype.

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