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If you have been following the HD DVD and Blu-ray copy protection news, then you probably already know about BackupHDDVD and AnyDVD HD. Both tools will allow you to back up HD DVD’s to your computer hard drive. BackupHDDVD is open source and freeware, while AnyDVD HD is commercial software that requires a purchased license for unlimited legal usage. But you can download a free trial here.
Copy HD DVD free vs pay

So why would anyone use commercial software over the free software? It is all about features and usability. BackupHDDVD is fairly complicated to use due to the command line interface and manual encryption key input required from the end user. AnyDVD HD is extremely easy to use and can allow you to easily backup your HD DVD movies with little to no effort, but it does cost money.

HD DVD Decrypter?


There is a new HD DVD rip competitor in town and the name is DVD Fab HD Decrypter. DVD Fab HD Decrypter comes from Fengtao Software Inc, a company that develops DVD backup solutions and other related software. DVD Fab Decrypter (non HD version) has been around for awhile and is well known as one of the best freeware utilities that you can obtain for decrypting and ripping newer DVD’s that have complicated protections such as ARccOS, RipGuard and others. DVD Fab Decrypter mimics the name of one of the most popular freeware DVD ripping utilities of all time, “DVD Decrypter”. This was a smart marketing move on Fengtao Softwares’ part.

On March 16th, Fengtao Software released DVD Fab HD Decrypter Beta, providing a freeware utility that anyone can use to easily backup HD DVD’s. Download this free copy HD DVD utility here. Fengtao also claims that Blu-ray support will be coming soon. Very interesting!

Copy HD DVD UPDATE: DVD Fab HD Decrypter now supports both HD DVD and Blu-ray copying.

Update: CDBurnerXP now supports burning to HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc recordable formats.

Update: DVDFab HD Decrypter no longer supports Blu-ray and HD DVD copying.

Backup HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs Easier!

If you would like an easier method for ripping, copying or backing up HD DVD or Blu-ray Discs, you can use AnyDVD HD. AnyDVD HD allows you to copy HD video files off of your discs using Windows Explorer and has an easy to use interface with no command line complications. You can download a free 30 day trial of AnyDVD HD from here.

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9 Comments on “Copy HD DVD free”

  1. Hi, Now that we can copy blu-ray to hd how do we copy the movie to a blank bd-re sow can play it in the standalone blu-ray player?

  2. dose any one know if there is any tools which will convert/ compress hd dvd and blue ray to standard dvd format so if you buy films you can then play them on your other dvd players/mp4 players cheeper than buying2 copys of every film ????

  3. I’m sure there are tools out there to convert HD DVD and Blu-ray to standard DVD format, but I’m not familiar with them at the moment. That is a good topic for a future article on this site…

  4. Hi,
    There is an excellent software doing just that and faultlessly too. It even devides 8GIG movie into two 4.3 Gig so you can burn blue ray into two normal DVD disks. Draw back is that if you strive for top quality… it takes up to 2 hours to convert blue ray mowie for that matater.
    Download on rapidshare AVS video HD CONVERTER version 6.2 and you are done.

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