Hulu may begin charging in 2010

Hulu may begin charging in 2010
We’ve written about the possibility of Hulu introducing a subscription service in the future, but could the entire site move to a pay-only model in 2010? It’s possible.

The interwebs are abuzz after News Corp president Chase Carey said “I think a free model is a very difficult way to capture the value of our content. I think what we nee to do is deliver that content to consumers in a way where they will appreciate the value.” “Hulu concurs with that, it needs to evolve to have a meaningful subscription model as part of its business.” “I think Hulu has done a fabulous job of building a market leading Web site to find content, but we need to grow with it”.

Is this the beginning of the end for all free TV network content online? I doubt it, but either way, the demise of free ad-supported viewing on Hulu will be a huge loss for consumers.

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  1. I hate it; every time I catch onto something cool on the internet when I am the last person to know about it, they go ahead and make plans to destroy it.

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