Netflix instant streaming on PS3 demo

Netflix instant streaming on PS3 demo

Netflix and Sony recently announced that Netflix instant streaming was coming to the PS3. Shortly after the announcement was made, the day has arrived and you can now view Netflix instant streaming titles from your PS3 console.

The service requires a special Netflix instant streaming disc, which can be requested online for free. We recently received our disc and decided to make a demo video of the new service.

NetflixDisc (Custom)

Play the video embedded below to view a demo of Netflix instant streaming on the PS3.

We were impressed with the interface, the ability to browse Netflix instant streaming titles that are not in your queue and the picture quality of the streaming video.

As mentioned in the video, we can expect to see a Sony PS3 firmware update sometime next year that will bring Netflix instant streaming capabilities directly into the core PS3 software. We hope that the PS3 core software update will allow for the searching of titles and additional features. For now, enjoy Netflix instant streaming using the special PS3 disc!

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2 Comments on “Netflix instant streaming on PS3 demo”

  1. My Netflix disc is on the way, I don’t understand why it wasn’t just done through a firmware update however, or even an install from the disc, I heard you need the disc every time? I think it could’ve been done better than that.

  2. Yes, you need the disc every time. I believe it uses BD-Live to access the online streaming content.

    A firmware update will be coming in 2010. The instant streaming disc is just a stop-gap and helped them to make the Netflix streaming service available on the PS3 as soon as possible (after the Sony/Netflix agreement was made).

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