16x Double Layer (DVD+R DL) media announced by Ricoh

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16x Double Layer DVD’s (DVD+R DL)
Last week, Ricoh announced the World’s Fastest DVD+R Double Layer media with a maximum writing speed of 16x. This will double the maximum writing speed that is available for burning Double layer media, which is currently at 8x maximium. Most Hollywood movie DVD’s found at the store contain two layers worth of data, which means that a Double Layer (DVD+R DL) or Dual Layer (DVD-R DL) recordable DVD is needed in order to make an exact copy. The annoucement of 16x DVD+R DL media does not surprise me though, as I had been informed earlier this year that Verbatim was also working on 16x Double Layer media.

The fastest Double Layer media?
Having a 16x Double Layer recordable DVD does not mean that a burn will take half the time that it currently does though, it only means that the writing speed will HIT 16x maximum writing speed at some point during the burning process. This is what most people that are not familiar with the technology do not understand. These people are confused when a 16x burn on single layer media does not take half the amount of time that an 8x burn does. In some cases a 16x burn will only hit the 16x speed for a few seconds or even less time, as this peak occurs at the very end of the burning process. Nevertheless, any enhancement in double layer burning speed is welcomed as long as adequate burning quality can be maintained. New DVD burners will be required in order to take advantage of these new high speed double layer discs though. So if you are interested in upgrading to DVD+R Double Layer at 16x speed, you can expect to invest in a new dvd writer once the hardware and discs are available on the retail market.

16x Dual Layer?
So what about 16x Dual Layer media? Dual Layer media (DVD-R DL) is controlled and authorized by the DVD Forum, while Double Layer media (DVD+R DL) is handled by the DVD+RW Alliance. So far there have been no reports of the DVD-R camp planning to introduce 16x DVD-R DL into the market, but I would not be surprised if they announce something later this year. We have seen DVD-R follow the DVD+R format many times in the past in media speed enhancements. Either way, users in the USA should stick with DVD+R DL, as it can be set with a Book Type of DVD-ROM to ensure maximum compatibility in standalone DVD players. DVD-R DL (Dual Layer) discs have been plagued with compatibility problems, especially when used with older DVD player models. I for one am anxiously awaiting the arrival of 16x DVD+R Double Layer drives and media this year. Until then, I will be watching for updates. More coverage of 16x DVD Double Layer media can be found at CDRLabs.

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  1. I have tried to burn a movie on a double layered disc and i found the sound was off if anyone could help..i would be grateful .

  2. Hi John. Due to the difficulties you are having and requests from other readers, I will soon be publishing a DVD-ROM dual layer movie backup guide on the site. Keep checking back for updates!

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