Slysoft acquires Game Jackal

SlySoft acquires Game Jackal
The Antigua based copy protection specialist SlySoft has now acquired Game Jackal from Australian software company Jacal Consulting. All further development of Game Jackal has been taken over by SlySoft.

Giancarlo Bettini, CEO at SlySoft: “Due to new Australian copyright law, Jacal Consulting had to take down the Game Jackal website in January and SlySoft took this opportunity to complement our software portfolio. Game Jackal is a perfect addition to our range of product offerings.”

“The first release of SlySoft Game Jackal will come at the end of March”, SlySoft’s Marketing Director, Tom Xiang, said. “We will be adding a few new features and some more languages. However, for our first release, our main focus will be the changeover to the SlySoft license system, with free lifetime updates. Old Game Jackal users can be easily upgraded to a SlySoft license, for no more than 10 USD.”

Anthony Smith, Technical Director at Jacal Consulting: “We are happy that Game Jackal has found a perfect new home. SlySoft is well known for their customer satisfaction and we can be sure that our customers will be in good hands.”

Comments from WesleyTech
I think it’s great to see Game Jackal arriving at a new home with Slysoft. Game Jackal is very well known as one of the best applications available for PC gamers, which allows gamers to play their software without requiring the physical game disc to be inserted in the drive. Game Jackal works similar to a virtual drive. I’m sure Slysoft will continue to add more improvements to Game Jackal while providing the excellent user support that they are known for.

If you are interested in downloading a free demo of Game Jackal or another Slysoft product, please visit their website.

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