Slysoft breaks newest Blu-ray Disc BD+ plus DRM protection

Slysoft breaks newest Blu-ray Disc BD+ plus DRM protection

Slysoft contacted me this morning to announce that they have once again broken the latest BD+ DRM protection issued by Hollywood Studios, with the newest version of AnyDVD HD, which was released today. The full press release follows.

Despite some sites reporting that “Slysoft has been beaten”, the Antiguan company renowned for promoting Fair Use Rights has effectively defeated BD+ once again and much earlier than expected; the cat and mouse game of DRM has entered the next round.

Although newer BD+ decryption wasn’t expected until February 2009, today’s AnyDVD HD release decrypts copy protection on all current Blu-ray movies and, in turn, ensures that consumers may continue to backup and enjoy their Blu-ray movie purchases even when using computer monitors that are not HDCP compliant. In fact, Anydvd HD remains the only program that can decrypt all commercial Blu-ray releases, and this incredible magic is, as per usual with Anydvd HD, performed on the fly without requiring users to rip first to their hard drives.

The following is a selection of current Blu-ray releases supported by AnyDVD HD :
Futurama: Bender’s Game (U.S.)
Firefly, The Complete Series (U.S.)
Planet of the Apes (1968 ) (U.S.)
Predator 2 (1990)
Shine a Light (U.K)
Planet of the Apes (the series), U.S.
Space Chimps, USA
Meet Dave, USA
X-Files 2
X-Files 1
Home Alone
The Day The Earth Stood Still: Special Edition
Jingle All The Way
Super Troopers
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Horton hears a Who
French Connection I & II (UK)
In the Name of the King (US)
Vanishing Point (Germany)
Babylon A.D.

Customers are reminded that Slysoft will change its update policy from free lifetime updates to an annual subscription fee on January 1st, so this is the last chance to buy Slysoft products with free lifetime updates. Those buyers who act quickly during this time can also save an additional 20% with Slysoft’s special ongoing Christmas promotion at

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