Take a survey, enter a PS3 drawing

Take a survey, enter a PS3 drawing

PS3 survey contestHome Media Magazine is sponsoring a contest to give away a free PS3. To enter the contest, simply jump over to homemediamagazine.com, scroll down a bit, click on the PS3 contest image in the right-hand column and then fill out a quick survey.

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3 Comments on “Take a survey, enter a PS3 drawing”

  1. Hi my name is matt I have been trying over 1 whole year to get a PS3,but nothing good happens to me. I really need this PS3 because all my friends make fun of me and they all ignore me and go ” Hey look you see that guy over their he hasn’t got a PS3 lets go make fun of him” and it hurts me when that happens, so I beg you to let me win this PS3 so I can finally not get picked on for once in my life and I will recommend you to all my friends and family , so I beg you to give this once in a lifetime opportunity to me and I will come back to this website every day and thank you ever so much for it so please let me have the PS3 and thank you. and I’m a game designer and I program games but I can’t see the companies master piece until I finally get a PS3 so thanks again. 🙂

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