The death of a smartphone, goodbye Motorola Droid

The death of a smartphone, goodbye Motorola Droid

My beloved Motorola Droid (OG) bit the dust about a week ago, thanks in full to a swift drop to the pavement, which resulted in the top layer of the display getting cracked into a messy web of shattered glass (see image below).

A mixed bag of thoughts surged through my mind at the realization that this device had met its end. I glimpsed a bit of sadness, disappointment, fear, nostalgia, shock, disbelief and a few other fleeting emotions. The medley of feelings that I experienced was certainly surprising, but hey, we did have a history together. This little puppy had been my number one personal assistant for a span of over 2 years. To see it meet its demise unexpectedly was quite a bit unsettling.


This unexpected situation had me ruminating on the relationship that people have with their “smartphones” in this day and age. These pocket-computing-systems are inanimate objects of course. They are mere possessions of the physical world, but like anything else that we extract some form of pleasure from, we develop emotional and subconscious attachments. There is a certain fondness and attachment there that you might not take notice of until that connection is forcibly severed.

But enough of me lamenting over a little circuit board and screen. After all, in any situation like this, there’s always an upside. Due to this unfortunate event, I now have the pleasure am forced to upgrade my phone to a shiny, brand new device. Huzzah!

So as I head into the remainder of 2012 with a state-of-the-art, brand-spanking-new smartphone, figuratively attached at the hip, I pay homage and say goodbye to my Motorola Droid. It’s been a fun ride OG!

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  1. What’d you end up getting, and what do you think of it compared with your Droid?

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