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Toshiba officially announces 3rd Generation HD DVD players

Toshiba officially announces 3rd Generation HD DVD players

A few days ago we reported on the possibility of 3rd generation HD DVD players coming soon from Toshiba, after preorder pages were found on Well now the rumors have been officially confirmed via a Toshiba America press release that was published today. Here is an excerpt from that release.

Building on the success of its first and second generation players, new leading enhancements in select models in the third generation line include an improvement in video performance with 1080p/24 frames per second (24p) support. Movie films are traditionally captured at 24 frames per second and select Toshiba third generation HD DVD players will be able to maintain
this frame rate allowing consumers to enjoy movies in their native frame rate.


Also added to the line is “CE-Link” (HDMI(TM)-CEC) connectivity which offers the capability to communicate with and control another CE device in a whole new way. For instance, using “CE-Link” with “One Touch Play” consumers will be able to turn on a CEC capable HDTV and a Toshiba HD DVD player, and start playing a movie, with a single touch of a button on the player remote.

The three new players are the Toshiba HD-A3 ($299), the HD-A30 ($399) and the HD-A35 ($499). The higher end players will offer features such as 24p support, CE-Link and deep color. All of the new 3G players boast smaller form factors and redesigned looks compared to previous HD DVD standalones. The players will hit the US market in September and October, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

How low can they go?

Just how low will the 2nd generation HD DVD players cost once the new players (3G) hit the market? Definitely less than the 3G player pricing, but who knows how low they can go. One retailer told VideoBusiness that Toshiba plans to offer sporadic $199 HD DVD player promotions throughout the 4th quarter, which should help drive HD DVD sales even more.

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  1. on 09 Aug 2007 at 5:05 PM 1.Onkyo announces DV-HD805 HD DVD player » Blu-ray, HD DVD, info at said …

    […] ONKYO USA has announced the launch of its first HD-DVD player, the DV-HD805. This player has been introduced to realize the potential of high-definition HD DVD content. It is also one of the first HD DVD players to take advantage of high-bit-rate audio streaming via HDMI version 1.3a. The DV-HD805 will be available in the fall of 2007. HDMI version 1.3a allows the DV-HD805 to offer the full potential of high-definition 1080p video (the native resolution of HD DVD discs). Furthermore, HDMI version 1.3a enables Deep Colorâ„¢ technology to improve color tones and achieve finer color gradation. Also, when connected with the new Onkyo HDMI version 1.3a A/V receivers, the DV-HD805 is capable of high-bit-rate audio streaming output. Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio surround sound codecs enable bit-for-bit reproduction of the studio master meaning that this player is capable of the highest clarity and most advanced realism from movie soundtracks. At the heart of the Onkyo DV-HD805 HD DVD player The image above displays a “possible look” of the Onkyo DV-HD805, but I expect that when the player is actually released this fall, it will look completely different. Why, you might ask? Because the above image shows an Onkyo HD DVD player that was based on an older generation Toshiba HD DVD player. With the specs that this player is now boasting, it is certain to have a 3rd generation Toshiba HD DVD player at it’s core. More specifically, it will probably be based on the Toshiba HD-A35. These 3rd generation players, which were recently announced, will be smaller than previous HD DVD players and have more smooth, rounded looks. Because the new model will be an Onkyo branded player, the look or outer casing could be completely different than the 3G Toshiba units, but nonetheless, I expect the player to look a lot cooler than the older rendition pictured above. The DV-HD805 will offer some impressive features including full 1080p picture display, 24p support, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio capabilities, deep color support and more. The exact street date had not yet been determined, but the suggested retail price is set at $899. To read the full press release, head on over to OnkyoUSA. Share this article: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

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