Toshiba: SpursEngine Quad Core HD Processor laptops

Toshiba: SpursEngine Quad Core HD Processor laptops
Toshiba logoToshiba Japan just announced a new line up of notebook PC’s that contain their SpursEngine Cell Processor technology. Super Upconversion is finally on its’ way to the market.

The new notebooks are dubbed the Qosmio G50 series and Qosmio F40 series, both of which contain the new cell processor technology, which offloads video work from the main system CPU. These systems are scheduled to launch in Japan late July. Here are a few key excerpts from the Toshiba press release.

“Derived from the high performance multi-core technology of the Cell Broadband Engineâ„¢*2 (Cell/B.E.), and combined with Toshiba’s advanced image processing technology, the SpursEngineâ„¢ integrates four synergistic processing elements (S.P.E.s)*3 and functions as a dedicated co-processor*4 that supports the smooth handling of high definition video streams, image recognition and image processing.

This new processor is designed to remove the burden of processing high definition video data streams from CPU, and it significantly improves processing power and speeds up the handling of multiple, resource-intensive video processing tasks such as conversion of standard definition video content to high definition quality.”

“First among these is support for Toshiba’s breakthrough “High-resolution function” that upscales standard definition video sources and bring them to screen in high definition picture quality. This allows users to experience standard DVD video content with high definition quality.”

After looking at the features and specs for these new products, it looks like Toshiba really will be going head to head with Blu-ray again. The real question now is; when will Toshiba start integrating the cell processors into their standalone DVD players? And at what cost? If Toshiba is able to pump out inexpensive DVD players with “high definition quality” as they are advertising, it could cause some real trouble for the Blu-ray camp. We’ll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for any future announcements.

Toshiba SpursEngine

Above: A picture of the Toshiba SpursEngine cell processor, via Impress. The full Toshiba press release can be found here. Thanks to Koba for sending this in.

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3 Comments on “Toshiba: SpursEngine Quad Core HD Processor laptops”

  1. super resolution is REAL sony fans cell fans bluray sheep…..

    average 480p upconvertion is 960p that 960p native effective performance is then video outed at 720p 1080i or 1080p

    its a near TRUE HD 1080P IMAGE FROM 480P


    im waiting for the dvd players

    and i think wii 2 wii HD what ever its called could also be a super resolution machine

    keep the wii as is with newer specs based on the same chip set add loads of edram and super resolution


  2. wiiboy,

    A 480p image is NEVER “near true HD.” It is scaled, which causes mosquitoing, haloing, diagonal biasing, and more artifacts. A 480p source image CAN NEVER match a 1080p source image.

    There’s more to it than just the output resolution. A 1080i image from DirecTV isn’t as good as a 1080i image from Blu-ray because the DirecTV image is compressed more, so more image detail is lost.

    A 720p streaming movie actually has LESS picture detail than a 480p DVD movie because of the compression ratios. There are more pixels in the image, but each pixel has less data.

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