Wal-mart Launching Hi-Def Blu-ray Experience Area

Wal-mart Launching Hi-Def Blu-ray Experience Area

Wal-mart.LogoThere’s more news coming from America’s number one retailer and its’ Blu-ray Disc plans. Video Business is reporting that Wal-mart will be launching a new “Hi-Def Blu-ray Experience” area in 1,200 locations.
“Within the new ‘Hi-Def Blu-ray Experience Area,’ shoppers will find an increased selection of Blu-ray titles, as well as new models of Blu-ray players from manufacturers Magnavox, Samsung and Panasonic. Previously, Wal-Mart primarily offered Sony Blu-ray hardware in stores.

Underscoring its Blu-ray drive, the chain will hand out $100 gift cards to anyone who buys a Blu-ray player from June 8 through June 14. Shoppers can put their gift cards toward specially discounted Blu-ray titles at Wal-Mart during that week, including $15-priced 3:10 to Yuma, War, Shooter, 300 and The Fifth Element.”

We previously reported that Wal-mart was offering a bonus $100 giftcard with the purchase of a PS3, but now they have extended the offer to include all Blu-ray players from June 8 – 14. This is no doubt a part of Wal-marts’ Father’s Day sale promotions.

With the gift card promotion expanded to all Blu-ray players, one could now pick up a Magnavox NB500MG9 for $298 and get $100 of bonus Wal-mart funds for ‘free’. That’s a pretty low priced Blu-ray player! Even so, I would still recommend a Sony PS3 over any standalone Blu-ray player, even the Magnavox. The PS3 already supports BD Live (BD Profile 2.0) and is guaranteed to receive routine firmware updates, which will add even more new features and capabilities.

On a related note, we are also hearing rumors that Bestbuy will be matching Wal-mart’s promotion, offering up $100 Bestbuy giftcards with the purchase of any Blu-ray player.

Source: Video Business

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