15 dollars buys you unlimited calling for 2007

skypeThat’s right, 15 dollars will buy you unlimited outbound phone service with Skype. Skype is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider that has revolutionized internet phone service and has brought VoIP technology to the masses. Skype has many different services including SkypeOut and SkypeIn. SkypeOut allows you to dial outbound long distance calls from your computer, domestically and internationally. Last year, SkypeOut was in beta testing and it allowed all US callers to make unlimited long distance calls within the United States and Canada for free.

This year, the unlimited-calling-for-free promotion has ended, but you can still purchase one year of unlimited long distance calling within the US and Canada for a mere $15. This $15 pricing only lasts until the end of January though. Afterwards, the price goes up to $30 for one year of long distance calling. This service provides you with unlimited calling within US & Canada until January 1st, 2008.

If you are paying for home phone service and a high speed internet connection, you are wasting your money! Cancel your home phone service right away and order SkypeOut! It’s not hard to see how much money you can save. A traditional landline or home phone service costs around $20 per month plus taxes and fees. That’s over $240 per year! If you sign up for SkypeOut service right now, all you pay is $15 for unlimited long distance calling within the US and Canada.

If you are a normal phone user, you probably would also like an inbound telephone number. Well you’re in luck, Skype users also have the option to purchase the SkypeIn service, which provides a telephone number in your local area-code. This telephone number will allow callers to reach you on your Skype service. SkypeIn costs a mere $12 for 3 months or $38 for a year. The SkypeIn subscription also provides you with the versatile Skype Voicemail service. Skype Voicemail includes many excellent voicemail customization options and is easy to use.

510If you sign up for both SkypeOut and SkypeIn before January 31st 2007, your total cost for one year of phone service is $53. There are no taxes or fees charged by Skype. Again, this is a huge savings over a traditional phone service that will cost you over $240 per year or other VoIP providers such as Vonage, who charge around $300 per year and try to suck you into a contract.

I have been using both SkypeIn and SkypeOut services for many months now and I am very satisfied with the service. I use a Plantronics 510 Voyager USB wireless headset (pictured left) with my Skype service. This allows me to use my Skype service wirelessly, without being attached to a computer. If you do not want to purchase a headset unit, you can simply use your PC speakers and a microphone to make and receive calls. I do recommend a headset rather than speakers and a microphone. The speakers/microphone method can produce an echo and disrupt your calls. You can find cheap computer headsets almost anywhere now for around $20 or even less.

But what if you have a really cool traditional phone or cordless phone that you would like to continue using? No problem! You can buy a USB adapter from Skype. An adatper will allow you to continue using your traditional telephone with your Skype service and will cost you as little as $34.99.

Save money with Skype!

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2 Comments on “15 dollars buys you unlimited calling for 2007”

  1. I’ve got the straight-up Bluetooth version of that headset that I use with my cell phone, and it’s great. By far the best wireless headset I’ve used.

    For Skype though, I use the Sennheiser PC150 wired headset, since it also works great for use as headphones, has noise cancelling on the mic, and is only around $40.

    I’m debating going SkypeOut Unlimited… have to decide if it would be worth it or not, hmm, decisions, decisions.

  2. Yeah I have the Voyager 510 USB version and it works great! I use it for both Skype and my mobile phone (Motorola RAZR at the moment).
    According to the “USB” version documentation, it is optimized for VoIP usage. I’m not sure if that means it is any different than the non-USB version or if they are referring to the software that is included with it (Sonocall) that allows you to interact with the Skype API (and other VoIP API’s).

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