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A friend recently asked me how to send a fax over Skype VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service. The short answer is, you can not. VoIP distorts the fax transmission signaling and prevents proper fax communication from occurring. So what do you do if you need to send a fax and you do not have a POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) line?

fzThe answer is FaxZero. provides a free outbound fax service via a website interface. It allows you to send up to 2 free faxes per day to any destination in the US or Canada. There is a maximum of 3 pages per fax when using the free service, but this should be sufficient for most faxing needs. The FaxZero website includes a “Browse” button to help you attach your document and supports .PDF or .DOC file formats. You can also manually type in a text message to be faxed instead of attaching a document.

FaxZero includes an advertisement for their service on the cover-page of the free fax that you send. The ad is very tasteful and a great compromise that provides access to free web-based faxing. According to their policies, FaxZero has a no tolerance policy for spam and will not share your fax numbers or email address with any other parties.

I tested the service recently and it worked flawlessly. I entered the sender name, sender email address, receiver name, receiver number and then typed out a text message to be faxed. After typing in the confirmation code (designed to prevent abuse of the service), I clicked the “Send Free Fax Now” button. I soon received an email with a confirmation link. You must click on the confirmation link sent to your email address in order for the fax to be transmitted. I clicked on the link and my test fax arrived at its’ destination minutes later. There are many faxing services online that require you to pay for usage, FaxZero is an excellent free alternative. If you need to send a fax and do not have access to a fax machine, try out FaxZero!

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  1. is another website that lets user send free fax online to the US and Canada. User can either upload a PDF/Word file or enter text to fax. Plus, it does not add Ads to the fax, which makes it more suitable for faxing formal documents.

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