5 Free HD DVD's rebate tips

5 Free HD DVD’s rebate tips

ToshibaToshiba is currently running a $100 instant rebate on their HD DVD players. Along with this instant rebate, they are offering a mail in rebate for 5 free HD DVD’s, which makes it a good time to buy an HD DVD player.

That being said, some people have reported issues getting their Five free HD DVD’s offer fulfilled. Due to this, I decided to post some tips to help you make sure that your five free HD DVD’s actually get to you. These tips are general best practice tips for any rebate offer, including this Toshiba five free HD DVD’s opportunity.

Tip 1, Fill out your rebate form and send it in immediately

Many rebates are never redeemed or fulfilled due to procrastination on the consumers’ part. To make sure you get your 5 free HD DVD’s, fill out the form and mail it in right away! Sending in your submission immediately will also ensure that you don’t go out and buy an HD DVD that you could have gotten for free with the mail in offer.

Tip 2, Make copies of your submission!

A common problem found with rebate offers is that the fulfillment house will mysteriously “loose” your submission or have “no record” of receiving a submission. To protect yourself from missing out on an offer, make sure to make copies of everything! You can even use a scanner and store all of the documentation electronically.

Tip 3, Follow-up on your submission!

Set yourself a calendar reminder to follow-up on your submission a month after you initially mail it out. Call up the Toshiba HD DVD rebate number (1-800-405-7520) and verify that your details are “in the system”. If you need to follow-up additional times, make sure to set yourself reminders to do so in the future.

I hope these tips will be of use to those people that have recently purchased an HD DVD player and are looking to redeem the five free HD DVD offer. If you have more questions on the whole process, you might want to check out this thread on AVSForum.

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