DVDFab HD Decrypter guide

Update: DVDFab HD Decrypter no longer supports ripping Blu-ray Discs. If you would like to rip or copy a Blu-ray Disc. You will need to use AnyDVD HD. You can download a free 30 day trial of AnyDVD HD from here.
DVDFab HD Decrypter guide
DVD Fab HD Decrypter is an easy to use, freeware program that allows you to backup DVD’s, HD DVD’s and Blu-ray Discs. We decided to make a quick guide to show you just how easy it is to backup a Blu-ray Disc using DVD Fab HD Decrypter. We used an LG GGW-H10N Blu-ray/HD DVD drive in this guide, but any Blu-ray or HD DVD drive can be used with DVD Fab HD Decrypter. Thanks to zevia at CDFreaks for making this guide possible.

Step 1, launch the program

After launching DVD Fab HD Decrypter, you might be greeted with the following popup box.


If you are running AnyDVD or AnyDVD HD, you must disable and shutdown the program before continuing with DVD Fab HD Decrypter. Once you are ready, click the Ok button and the initial program screen will load.


Step 2, insert a Blu-ray Disc movie

Once you have the initial DVD Fab HD Decrypter screen up, it is time to put a Blu-ray Disc (or HD DVD or DVD) into your drive. In this example, “House of Flying Daggers” Blu-ray Disc was used. Notice the blue letters “BD” in the source box and the text “Blu-ray Disc” at the bottom of the screen.


Step 3, click the start button

After you click the start button, DVD Fab HD Decrypter will begin ripping your Blu-ray Disc to the hard drive. All of the m2ts movie files and other necessary files will be ripped to the destination.


Step 4, Click the finish button

In our example, DVD Fab HD Decrypter took 27 minutes and 49 seconds to rip the House of Flying Daggers Blu-ray disc to the hard drive (The LG GGW-H10N rips single layer Blu-ray Discs at 4x). This disc has approximately 25GB worth of data.


After you close DVD Fab HD Decrypter, you can verify that the mt2s files and other Blu-ray Disc movie directories are now present on your hard disk drive.

Now that you have your Blu-ray movie files ripped to your hard drive, you can play back the movie using a Blu-ray software player of your choice or burn the files to a blank BD-R or BD-RE.

After reading this quick guide, you can see that DVD Fab HD Decrypter is a very easy to use movie backup utility. Download it for free from DVDFab.

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57 Comments on “DVDFab HD Decrypter guide”

  1. Once the movie is on the hard disk drive like shown, how do I burn it to a DVD-R i am very new to this thank you

  2. I don’t think you’ll be burning the contents of a BD-ROM Disc to a DVD-R…

    If you ripped a DVD-ROM, you could use any burning program. I like to build an .ISO image and burn with ImgBurn, another freeware app.

  3. Is it possible to just rip the movie portion. This would help decrease the file size and possibly burn to a DL disc. I also use image burn but is it possible- if the full disc is ripped using fab- to just pick the movie file and build the iso from that? Thanks.

  4. No, DVD Fab HD Decrypter does not allow you to rip just the movie portion. I’m not sure whether or not the full version would allow you to do that, but the free version does not.

    To take out the movie only and burn to a DVD9, you would probably need a Blu-ray authoring program…

  5. One thing this guide fails to mention is the programs inability to rip only the main movie for HD DVD and Blu-ray. That feature only seems to work with standard DVD’s. While I enjoy the menu’s and extras for a movie, ripping only the movie itself helps to bring the file size down. Among other things.

  6. Yes.. ripping just the Main Movie, thats what you should could do in this Software with HDDVD and Blurays. I just speak for HDDVD, have no BD yet, but since most of the HDDVDs i know do not allow you to switch Language-Audio, during you watching, by the Software Player, DVDFab HD would need an authoring for HD as well. It’s an easy to use Software for all the other things, but there is no need for it right know if you already got Any DVD HD on your Computer cause they do the exact same thing with HD: Ripping the whole Disc to your HDD.

    But I buy it by the way if there is “just Main Movie Ripping” for HD in DVDFab!!!!

  7. I bought 2 HD-DVD players, the Xbox 360 HD-DVD and the HP external. Both players with DVDFab HD start off with about 2-4mb/sec and after a few minutes drop to less than 1Mb/sec ripping speed. So an HD-DVD movie can take up to 10 hours. I noticed though that it only took about 15-20 minutes for the folder in the hard drive to show 13Gb in an evo file.
    I am running on a Thinkpad with a 2Ghz cpu and 1.5g of memory. The target HD is on USB external.

    When I tried copying the HD files directly they went much faster to the hard drive so it shouldn’t be an I/O issue.

    I was unable to et the DVDFab HD to rip hard drive to hard drive.

    Any ideas?

  8. Maybe you should try ripping straight to the internal laptop harddrive. That might be faster. I suspect your issue might be due to a USB bandwidth problem.

  9. Can a regular dvd disc player(red laser) in your computer be used to decrypt an hd dvd or blu ray disc to you hard drive?

  10. Thanks Wesley. Once you have the Blu-ray or HD DVD image on your hard drive, is it possible to record this directly to a DVD-9(without further processing given that the video fits(I believe 1 hr or less))or is the only choice to record it to a blank blu ray or hd dvd disc. Thank you.

  11. Recording Blu-ray and HD DVD videos to DVD-9 is supported and has been done. I’m not sure what software you would need in order to accomplish this though…

  12. If you use dvd decrypter to copy the movie to your hard drive, DVD copy 5 Express or DVD copy 5 Platinum will burn it to your burner and shrink it to a blank 4.7 gig DVD. It is sooooo much faster then Nero,(and uses MUCH less CPU) and a hell of a lot cheaper. I have used it over and over and never had any problems.

  13. hi, just a few q; 1.once it is on the hard drive what is the size of the file for an average blu ray film?
    2. can i burn the file straight to a blank blu ray disc without shrinking it?
    3. what software is needed to burn to the blu ray disc and how much is it to buy?
    4. is the copy the same quality as the original ie; 1080p?

  14. i have a LG GGW-H20L is it possible to rip a hd-dvd and burn it to a blank blu ray disc which will then work on a PS3?

  15. I’m having the same problem, DVDFab Decrypter is not recognizing the Blu-Ray disc. Any suggestions?

    It seems like it’s looking for an image file in one of the following formats (*.ini, *.iso, *.img, or *.nrg). When I look on the blu-ray disc, I see lots of .bdmv and other files.

  16. I am having the same problem – it will not read my Blu Ray discs and I am using the LG. I ended up using AnyDVD, but would prefer DVDFab.

  17. After ripping to HD is it possible to stream it to the xbox 360 like you can do with regular DVD’s?

  18. We have an LG GGW-H20L and DVDFab does not read HD-DVD discs or Blu-Ray discs. Any ideas? Have tried a few discs, DVDFab does not even attempt to read them. They play fine in PowerDVD.

  19. I have a sony vaio 15.4″ notebook with blu-ray. how can i get the blu-ray to work. i connected my external hp HD-dvd rom to the notebook and it rips hd-dvd fine.

  20. LG GGW-H20L (dual format drive), HD-DVD disk, no luck. DVDFab HD Decrypter does not see the disk…

  21. Same problem, LG GGW-H20L not recognized by DVDFab HD Decrypter (HD-DVD/Blu Ray discs)
    AnyDVD HD reads fine?
    Is there a DVDFab Fix or info on this?
    I prefer DVDFab.

  22. I downloaded the latest beta version of DVDFAB HD Decrypter. But when I place a Blu-ray disk in my Blu-ray player, it is not recognized. What am I doing wrong?

  23. I do have AnyDVD HD closed/disabled, but DVDFab HD still doesn’t see the disk in my LG combo drive. Same movie (Polar Express) plays fine in PDVD Ultra.

  24. Sometimes other applications will “lock” your drive, making unable to be recognized and used by another application. Make sure that ALL of your Blu-ray/DVD/CD applications are shut down before attempting to use DVDFab HD Decrypter. Close PowerDVD, Nero, CD-DVD Speed, DVD Shrink and any other disc applications.

  25. I’m having the same problem with DVDFab HD not seeing any HD-DVD or Blue-ray disks at all.

    I have a simple, clean and updated install of Vista Home Premium plus PowerDVD Ultra 3514 OEM (came with the LG GGC-H20L).

    I suspect there was something either updated through Windows Update or through the latest PowerDVD Ultra update that breaks DVDFab HD.

    Searching the web this problem seems to have occured around mid December 2007. Prior to that, DVDFab HD was working fine.

    What changed? Why can’t DVDFab HD see any HD-DVD or Blue-ray disks anymore?

  26. having the same problem too… using regular dvd’s works fine… but when a hddvd or blu-ray is inserted it “scans” the disc for 1-2 sec. and then the source-field , ehich reader/burner to use , is just blank… Shit !!!

  27. Mine won’t read BD either. What gives? AnyDVD HD works, so does IMGBURN, but not DVDFab. Wesley?

  28. this program is a crock of shit. I know my bluray drive works because i can watch regular blurays fine but this program wont recognize them at all.

  29. I am having the same problem neither blu ray or hd dvd will read. Has anyone figured this out yet?

  30. I contacted DVDIdle support (the manufacturer) and they have informed me that they will support Blu-ray in a future release of DVD Fab HD Decrypter. Apparently, support for Blu-ray must have been dropped during an update, or they haven’t updated the Blu-ray functionality to support newer titles.

  31. I tried using a HD DVD and dvd fab hd doesnt see my LG drive either. So DVD fab HD doesnt do any thing for HD!

  32. Once the m2ts files are on the hard drive, how do I combine the files into one movie? with ripping a dvd using dvd fab I us vob2mpeg.

  33. Why is it taking 5 hours to rip a dvd? Im ripping on a sony external drive to an external hard drive through my laptop. Isn’t it supposed to be 30 min.?

  34. A piece of junk. It has the problem reading the Blu-ray disc since months ago but still has not resolved! Why we need this software if AnyDVD can do?

    All my Blu-ray discs are not recognized in my LG GGW-H20L drive. I’m sure there are many people using this drive and having the same problem.

    If anyone has any luck, please share.

  35. DVDFab HD Decrypter did not recognize Bluray DVDs. To make matters worse, when I attempted to report this problem to DVDFab, using the support tab on their web-site, it always tells me the security is wrong. After incorrectly reporting the security mistake, it then refreshes and erases the entire screen, forcing me to re-enter the technical information again. What a load of BS.

    First Impressions – product sucks & support sucks !!!

  36. Anyone know which version did work with blu-ray’s and if you can still use that?

  37. Upon reading the feedbacks above I made a conclusion that DVDFab HD is not ready for 100% BR ripping. In the event it does so it is not able to write the ripped content to the BR-r disk. It also unable to shrink ripped HD content to size of the conventional DVD’s. I would wait with the purchase until these major bugs ironed-out.

  38. Just tried version on an HP Pavillion with Blu-ray drive. It still does not recognize blu-ray disks. AnyDVD HD rips to hardisk without a problem. These guys have a lot of gall claiming support for blu-ray. Does anyone know which version was used in this guide and is it available for download anywhere?

  39. Just found this posted on cdfreaks forum. Don’t know if it is authentic but is seems you need to look elsewhere for blu-ray:


    As far as we know, there is no real crack for aacs on hddvd/blu-ray for now. So any product which claim to crack hddvd/blu-ray, may fail on future discs. It’s not like css on dvd, if you break it, all future discs is supported, and we can release update for 3rd protections like arccos, etc. So we will not release a commercial product which claim to do something, but cannot promise to do it.

    If there is real crack for hddvd/blu-ray, we will definitely add support for it.

    Best Regards,

  40. Just tried the latest beta Beta with an LG GGW-H20L drive. Still will not recognize a Blu ray disk. I can play a Blu ray with CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra v7.3.3319a but no luck with Fab HD

  41. I just got the DVDFab Hd Decrypter

    I want to copy blue ray dvd to hard disk. In the Full Disc DVD When I put the dvd in the drive it never appears in the Source screen.

    What am I doing wrong.


  42. HELP
    I downloaded dvdfab hd decrptyer I download the movie to my hard drive but can’t figure out how to get it to a blank dvd-r disk. I guess u can tell I’m new to this computer thing.Thanks for any help you can give to this old dummy.

  43. wow, yall be clueless up in hur ya ners.
    oh so simple, so ting tells me to tell ting or tu.

    Download DVDFab Platinum 5.0.5 from torrent.
    Download Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra 8.0.1730 from torrent.


    Put your DVD into DVD rom, or Blue Ray disc into Blueray DVD Rom.

    Run DVDfabuloso, haha

    tell your shizniz pizzle where u want to rip that dvd to, I use a folder that my media center goes to, so when im running vista MC my newly ripped movies are ready for me to view.

    The cool thing about the PowerDVD is;
    CyberLink MakeDisc offers an easy way to burn media files onto DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. DVD menu templates, including widescreen and motion menus, offer more options for creating personalized discs.
    CyberLink Software Encoder provides a high-quality plug-in alternative for recording TV via Windows Media Center. Supporting multiple TV tuner cards, and encoding in MPEG-2
    if you don’t RTFM you will be lost.
    don’t get the free anything get the full everything, and enjoy life butter, uh better, and yea I just drank a bunch of green tea.

  44. I have burned my blue ray disc onto hard drive but is playing in a different language.

    How do I put onto one file and play in english and without commentary?

  45. With the ordinary DVD’s you can rip individual chapters from the movie. Can you do the same with a Blu-ray movie? If you select “main movie” from the upper left menu, are you still given the same option to select your chapter under “advanced title settings” ?

    Thankyou for compiling all this information.

  46. Doom 9, had an old established code breaker put out the code for bluray disc decryption, and many techs are looking into it, will keep up with it, he has consisetantly broken codes before other. He was amazed. I have dvd fab platinum and I have the lg blu ray which many have. I use the Win dvd 9 which burns blu ray, but also UPCONVERTS regular dvds to 1080 i AND 1080 P. WHICH POWER DVD CANNOT DO. so If we can just get dvd fab to read and decrypt blu ray to hardrive, it would be great. Till then I guess you may have to fall back to Any DVD HD. I am assured by dvdidle they will have blu ray support soon. But that was a couple months ago. I have tried also, and it does not recognize BD Files.

  47. Same question as #52. Ferris — The main movie is in a different language (Spanish, German, French) while the other rips are in English.
    How do you get the ripped movie in English?

  48. Hey Guys DVDFab does rip the HD DVD for me but the DVD folder was almost 50 GB. Yes, fifty GB. So I don’t know why. There was no options as to what type of output I prefer. I just Click start and left when I got back this huge file had been created. Is that normal? How big is a HD DVD? I place the cursor over the DVD folder in “my computer” and shows to be 5.45 GB. I’m confused.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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