Labelflash DVD media coming to the US

Labelflash DVD media coming to the US
FujifilmFujifilm has just announced that Labelflash media is headed to the USA. LabelFlash capable drives will first be introduced via select models of the new Toshiba Satellite A205/P205 Notebook computer series.

So what exactly is Labelflash? It is a technolgy similar to HP’s LightScribe that allows you to burn graphics and text on the top of discs. Where Labelflash differs from Lightscribe is that Labelflash also allows you to burn images onto the bottoms of standard DVDR discs, but only on portions of the DVDR that are not storing data.

“Labelflashâ„¢ technology uses an organic dye developed by Fujifilm and specialized for image burning to use the existing laser, pick-up and rotation control, and high-speed image data signal processing to inscribe high-resolution, high-contrast images and/or text into the label-side of the disc. Because the imaging occurs at a depth of 0.6mm below the actual surface, the protective polycarbonate layer not only provides a glossy, attractive appearance but simultaneously ensures durability and scratch-resistance of the images. This provides a more permanent, high quality choice over traditional surface-printed labels which can deteriorate over time due to wear, blemishes or scratches. For more information on Labelflashâ„¢ technology, visit”

Labelflash could give Lightscribe a run for their money if they decide to introduce enough products into the US market. If they only supply a few laptop drives with the technology though, they won’t be making much of a dent in the US. If the product does come out in full force in the US, I would expect to see new DVD burners from Pioneer and NEC (now Optiarc) that support Labelflash technology. Pioneer and NEC (Optiarc) already have Labelflash capable drives available in the European market.

Personally, I was never too impressed with Lightscribe or Labelflash technologies as the media is more expensive and the labeling process takes a long time if you want a quality image. I would rather stick with a Sharpie. Press release via CDRLabs.

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