6 Innovative Ways to Use Digital Signage at Your Business

There’s a way of addressing the public that’s sweeping the nation in a vivid splash of color and eye-catching graphics. Although the technology isn’t new, the proliferation and advances in its capabilities have made digital signage a cost-effective and dynamic means of capturing the attention of employees and customers in settings that range from moving billboards that dominate the squares of major cities to table-top interactive displays in restaurants. Even the smallest mom-and-pop shop can afford to showcase their products or services using cutting-edge technology. Here are some unique ways you can use digital signs to increase your visibility and keep people informed.


1. Encourage socialization. There’s a saying in restaurants that you eat first with your eyes. Digital displays are a good way for restaurants to get in on the food selfie craze while getting a little free advertising. Use your in-house digital signage to encourage patrons to post their meals, desserts and drinks to their social media accounts, your account or both. They’ll love seeing their own pics live on your display, and it will also lend a little anticipation to customers who are waiting to order.

This also works well in other types of businesses, like retail outlets, where visual images sell. Some clothing retailers are turning their digital capabilities into a full in-store multimedia experience by combining interactive graphic images, music and lighting. One national drug store is using its digital signage to customize customer experience with personalized offers, discounts and loyalty programs that are based on each customer’s shopping history.

2. Solidify branding. Branding is big, no matter what type of industry you’re in. Creating unified strategy that’s used across all of your marketing platforms will provide visual recognition as well as name recognition. You can incorporate your organization’s logo, mascot, motto and other branding elements into your digital displays to retain consistent brand reinforcement across the board.

3. Keep them entertained. Digital signs can even turn waiting in line into a game by providing customers with displays that include count-down-to-service timers and interesting video programming to pass the time. It may also work to keep little ones who are running errands with their parents preoccupied and make the whole experience less stressful for all. This is a viable solution for any type of environment where long waits in line are an unfortunate part of doing business.

4. Guide them. If your business is located in a large office complex or medical facility, a digital display in the lobby can be used like a GPS system to direct customers to a specific office. People will appreciate the fact that they no longer have to wander from floor to floor looking for the correct office. This is also a great way to assist visitors at a convention halls, schools or hotels and to direct employees to meetings or events.

5. Build a community. Schools, businesses, social organizations and churches are all about creating a sense of belonging among their members. Digital signage can be used to foster this sense of community in many ways. You can use visual displays to celebrate an individual or organizational achievement, display social media posts and mentions or post photos and video of events. Digital displays can even be used to bring together employees at different branches or students and faculty at different campuses.

6. Providing timely information. All signs are meant to inform, but the nature of digital signs allows information to be imparted almost immediately. This is a great way to provide emergency alerts, give announcements and deliver important news briefs.

Digital signage provides an alternative to static advertising that can be easily changed to suit your requirements within minutes, and your business will save a ton of money that would usually be spent on printing fliers, memos and newsletters. Companies like Navori at www.navori.com and similar service providers are using innovation and creativity to help their clients better serve and inform employees and customers alike. You can find a digital marketing company in your local area by asking a business owner who uses this technology to provide a referral or by browsing online for a local service provider.

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