Amazon offers HD DVD & Blu-ray specials

Amazon offers HD DVD & Blu-ray specials, the nation’s largest online retailer, is now offering multiple promotions on HD DVD and Blu-ray products.

The HD DVD deals include buy 2 titles, get 1 free. Buy a Toshiba HD DVD standalone player and get 8 free HD DVD’s. And last but not least, buy an Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on and get 8 free HD DVD’s.

Blu-ray deals are very similar, with a buy 2 titles get 1 free promotion. In addition, if you purchase a PS3 gaming console (which has an embedded Blu-ray player), you can get 8 free Blu-ray Disc titles.

Click on the images below to access the buy 2 discs get 1 free offers or the buy a player and get 8 free movies offers.

With these enticing offers, I couldn’t resist. I ordered up 3 high def movie titles for the price of 2. But these prices won’t last and quantities are limited, so order now while they have the titles in stock that you want.

UPDATE: It looks like the buy 2 get 1 free offers have been removed from the Amazon website. From checking the site, it appears that the only special offers still available are the buy a PS3 and get 8 free Blu-ray Discs and buy an Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on and get 8 free HD DVD’s.

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