Xperinet announces Blu-ray support

Xperinet announces Blu-ray support
In some interesting news not quite as important at the Paramount/DreamWorks announcement, Xperinet has fully backed the Blu-ray Disc format. Previously, Xperinet had announced they were working on both Blu-ray and HD DVD support, but today they have announced they fully support Blu-ray.

“Xperinet’s leadership position in media servers for this industry strikes an important win for the Blu-ray camp,” said Aaron Chisena, Director of US Sales for Xperinet, perhaps hyping the company’s market position a bit. “HD content is essential for revealing the capabilities of today’s 1080p displays, and no one wants to search through disks any more to find a movie.”

Xperinet MIRV

I previously reported that Xperinet would offer USB drives for both HD DVD and Blu-ray, and this appears to place the company firmly in the Blu-ray family. The press release even starts saying, “In yet another coup de grace for the fading HD DVD camp, Blu-ray Disc has succeeded in wooing Xperinet, Inc.” They go on to say their media servers and delivery clients will solidify “the format’s dominance over HD DVD in the marketplace.”

Scheduled to appear at CEDIA Expo next week, the Blu-ray enabled systems will ship in October, and the USB upgrade kit will be available for existing MIRV servers in homes. The media servers will include a BD-ROM drive for loading 1080p content in MPEG-2 or MPEG-4/H.264. No word on if the VC-1 encoded films (like The Prestige and Deja Vu) will be supported.

Xperinet does get to claim the title of first custom electronics integration company to throw their weight (caveat: not a lot of weigh) behind Blu-ray.

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  1. In other Xperinet news, they’re releasing a “Tardon” (yes, let the jokes fly) client that mounts behind a wall-mounted TV (I believe the dimensions at 7x9x1 inches) to deliver the Blu-ray content at 1080p to TVs throughout the home. Pretty slick.

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