Daewoo DBP-1000 Blu-ray player – Profile 2.0 compliant

Daewoo DBP-1000 Blu-ray player – Profile 2.0 compliant

This year’s IFA consumer electronics convention in Europe has led to a slew of new Blu-ray hardware announcements from various manufacturers, including Daewoo. Surprisingly though, Daewoo is the very first manufacturer to announce a Blu-ray Disc player that is fully compliant with the BD-ROM profile 2.0 specifications.

BD-ROM profile version 2.0 is the next step of mandatory specifications for Blu-ray players that will come into effect after version 1.1. Blu-ray players that are currently on the market are only certified as BD-ROM profile 1.0 players, which means that the current generation of players may not be able to playback advanced BD-Java interactive features that will be released on future Blu-ray Discs. All Blu-ray players released after October 31st of this year are required to at least be compatible with version 1.1 of the specifications, which will allow for more advanced BD-Java compatibility. There is currently no mandatory date for version 2.0 specifications, which most notably requires the inclusion of an ethernet port on every player to ensure internet connectivity and online interactivity.

The newly announced Daewoo DBP-1000 Blu-ray player is fully 2.0 compliant and is ahead of the competition in terms of features and specifications adherence. Unfortunately, there has been no announced street date or suggested retail price as of yet, but everyone is looking forward to more details on this intriguing new player. In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the new DBP-1000 player.



The blue mirror finish face of the device makes for an extremely attractive looking Blu-ray player. The player is also one of the slimmest, most compact Blu-ray standalone players seen yet. Other specifications include 1080p output via an HDMI port, BD-R/BD-RE Disc playback, DivX support and a USB port on the face. For more coverage on this beauty, check out RegHardware.

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  1. That is sexy. Sharp and Philips also showed players, but those should be 1.1 players.

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