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Star Trek The Original Series coming to HD DVD

Star Trek The Original Series coming to HD DVD

Paramount home entertainment will be releasing Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 1 in high definition exclusively on HD DVD this November 20th. This latest offering will include remastered high definition video, newly added CGI special effects, newly added musical scores and a host of interactive special features created specifically for the HD DVD format via HDi.

This new original series release will be the ultimate Star Trek product for any hardcore trekkie. But with a suggested retail price of $198.99, will it be worth the dough? Now’s your chance to find out. To help build anticipation and demand for this HD DVD release, Paramount has recently released a promotional video that highlights and demonstrates the plethora of interactive features and bonus content that will be available. Check out the video below to catch a glimpse.

[youtube I-X5c7c3yzE]

The video preview shows that this HD DVD release is certainly packed with special features. An interactive shuttle game allows the viewer to navigate around the exterior of the starship Enterprise. “Starfleet Access” mode provides additional information on lifeforms, science, technology, episode trivia, video commentaries and more. This certainly looks like the most comprehensive Star Trek home video release I have ever seen, with even more special features than I have mentioned in this article. If you are a Star Trek original series fan, you will probably love this HD DVD release.

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