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AnyDVD HD coupon code discount

AnyDVD HD coupon code discount

Slysoft, the makers of AnyDVD HD, have just written to inform us that they are now offering a 20% discount on all products until November 5th, 2007, with the coupon code “halloween”.

Due to this promotion, now is a better time than ever to grab a copy of AnyDVD HD, which offers the ability to decrypt and copy DVD’s, HD DVD’s and Blu-ray Discs. If you want to try it out for free first, you can download the trial version at no cost.

Here is the product description from the Slysoft website:

AnyDVDHDBlu-rayAnyDVD HD comes with same functionality as AnyDVD, but with additional features for full HD-DVD (High Definition DVD) and Blu-Ray support, including decryption of HD-DVD & Blu-Ray movie discs.

Allows you to watch movies over a digital display connection, without HDCP compliant graphics card and HDCP compliant display. No need to buy an expensive monitor. Sweet!

Playback your discs on your PC with PowerDVD Ultra, which otherwise do not run (titles released by Studio Canal, The Weinstein Company, Kinowelt, Optimum Releasing).

AnyDVD HD is the “must have” utility for the serious home theater enthusiast using a media center / home theater PC.

Another amazing feature of AnyDVD HD is “magic file replacement â„¢”. Remaster any commercial movie disc using simple XML scripts. These scripts will “magically” replace the files on the physical disc. You can customize discs as you like without even making a copy to harddisk!

AnyDVD comes with a UDF 2.5 file ripper, no need to install 3rd party UDF 2.5 filesystem under Windows XP.

The easiest DVD, Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD copy software?

Many people have stated that AnyDVD HD is the most user-friendly, easiest software to utilize for copying DVD’s, Blu-ray Discs and HD DVD’s. Try it out yourself and let us know what you think!

6 Responses to “AnyDVD HD coupon code discount”

  1. on 19 Oct 2007 at 7:43 AM 1.Mac said …

    I´am impressed of SlySoft´s hard work to create
    a program that let’s you decrypt your DVD´s, HD-DVD´s and Blu-ray´s.

    One thing that worries me is if SlySoft wouldn´t be able to crack or decrypt the new Blu-ray copy protection called BD+.

    Fantastic Four 4 – Rise Of The Silver Surfer
    The Day After Tomorrow

    Two titles I know involves the new protection BD+

    Is this the end of consumers right to make a backup of your buyed movie?
    Has the movie-industry won now???


    PS: Correction of my comment which I wrote some words wrong. Sorry!

  2. on 19 Oct 2007 at 11:16 AM 2.Wesley Novack said …

    Good question about the BD+ encrypted discs. I will ask Slysoft about this.

    One of the best things about Slysoft is their outstanding customer support and development team. They are CONSTANTLY updating their software to ensure that it is compatible with any and all disc types out there…

  3. on 08 Jan 2008 at 12:25 PM 3.Ian said …

    BD encrypted discs copy just fine

  4. on 08 Jan 2008 at 12:27 PM 4.Ian said …

    Another new piece of hardware you might want to look at is the LG super multi blue. It plays HDdvd and Bluray.

  5. on 23 Jan 2009 at 3:58 PM 5.wayne riggs said …

    Its not a discount, way out of line on high prices, compare dvd fab platinum, and I have had success removing most csss blu ray using customize, and ripping, sometimes main movie. But youll spend almost 200.00 U>S> if theyd discount 33% maybe then wed afford it. Rediculously high now. for ANY DVD HD

  6. on 01 Feb 2009 at 7:26 AM 6.Kevin said …

    Thank you very much!

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