This Sunday: Heroes HD DVD set free with Xbox 360 HD DVD player

This Sunday: Heroes HD DVD set free with Xbox 360 HD DVD player

The site has a post up about an upcoming Bestbuy advertisement. Starting this Sunday, October 21st, consumers will be able to obtain the Heroes HD DVD Season 1 set instantly, for free, with the purchase of an Xbox 360 HD DVD drive at Bestbuy stores.

With an MSRP of $99.99, the inclusion of the Heroes set is quite an incentive. Along with the Heroes promo, the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive already comes bundled with King Kong HD DVD in the box. The player also qualifies for 5 free HD DVD’s via a mail in rebate.


The best Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on deal so far
This is definitely the best Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on promotion that I have seen so far! For $179.99, you get the Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on drive, King Kong HD DVD, the complete season 1 of Heroes on HD DVD and a mail in offer for 5 additional free HD DVD’s. If you own an Xbox 360 and an HDTV, I don’t see how you could resist this offer. There are already talks online of people who plan to buy the bundle and immediately put it up for sale on ebay to try and make a profit. Quite a deal indeed.

Bestbuy ad scans originally posted at SlickDeals.

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