AnyDVD HD now AnyDVD Blu-ray!

SlySoft softare has done it again! This time, they have added Blu-ray support to AnyDVD HD, their latest software designed to decrypt, playback and rip high definition movie titles. This is great news for Blu-ray drive owners who wish to EASILY back up their movies to their hard drive or a recordable Blu-ray disc (BD-R/BD-RE). The Blu-ray capability is currently in beta status and can be directly downloaded via the Slysoft website. If you’ve got a Blu-ray PC drive, this is the perfect software for you to check out!

AnyDVD HD is the ONLY commercial software available that can be used to backup, playback and decrypt HD DVD and Blu-ray discs. A trial period is offered by Slysoft, and a license fee will need to be purchased after the demo period has expired. The current cost for AnyDVD HD runs around $79, with upgrade discounts available for existing AnyDVD license holders. SlySoft also routinely runs coupon codes for additional discounts, so it shouldn’t be hard to get a great deal on some excellent software that can be used to protect your HD DVD or Blu-ray movie investments by providing backup capabilities. If you have used AnyDVD HD, let us know what you think of it by replying in the comments section! Found via CDRLabs.


Additional names and aliases for AnyDVD HD: AnyDVDHD, AnyDVD HDDVD, AnyDVD HD DVD, AnyDVDBluray, AnyDVDBlu-ray, AnyDVD Bluray, AnyDVD Blu-ray

UPDATE: The Full official version of AnyDVD HD has been released with Blu-ray support! Download a FREE demo of AnyDVD HD today!

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One Comment on “AnyDVD HD now AnyDVD Blu-ray!”

  1. Awesome, we all knew Slysoft would get it done when they announced that they planned to support Blu-ray. They’ll probably sell more of AnyDVD HD due to the Blu-ray support since there are hardly any HD DVD burners available yet.

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