Blu-ray Wes Novack on 03 Mar 2007

DMCA takedown notice issued for BackupHDDVD issued DMCA takedown for BackupHDDVD
According to a discussion over at Doom9, has been issued and complied with a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice to remove the program BackupHDDVD. The utility was previously hosted on SourceForge as an Open Source, community project, granting anyone and everyone access to download the sourcecode for use or modification.

Where did it go?
Visiting the SourceForge project page now brings up an “Error Invalid Project” display.


BackupHDDVD still easily found online
Fortunately for users who wish to continue to use BackupHDDVD, it can still be found on a variety of locations online such as the sendspace, Torrent tracking websites and more. A google search should find it for ya, or you might want to try looking for links over on the Doom9 forums. This news found via CDFreaks.

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