Software Wes Novack on 08 Dec 2006

Best Free Anti Spyware Programs

Recently a friend asked me for advice regarding a program called WebRoot SpySweeper. WebRoot SpySweeper is a commercial product that charges an annual subscription rate in order to keep its’ spyware definitions up to date. This product also comes bundled with many new systems, so some users might find it “magically there”. My friend asked me whether or not he should renew the subscription. My answer is NO!

I’ve used many AntiSpyware programs, and in my experience, the best product is a piece of software named SpyBot Search & Destroy. SpyBot Search & Destroy is completely free. There is no cost for you to sbdownload, install and update the detection definitions. In past times, I have found SpyBot is able to fix issues that the following programs could not fix: WebRoot Spysweeper, Windows Malicious Software removal tool, McAfee Antispyware, and more. So if you’re looking for a Spyware protection product or you’re thinking about purchasing WebRoot SpySweeper, think again!

You can download SpyBot Search & Destroy absolutely free from here:
Of course if you do find it extremely useful and the product has helped you out, please consider making a donation to the author of the program to help with continued development of this great product.
Note: It is ESSENTIAL that you perform a successful update of the programs components before running a system scan. If an update fails, try selecting a different update server from the program update screen.

aa Edition. This is one of the first programs made for detecting and removing adware andAnother free alternative for SpyWare detection and removal is Ad-Aware SE Personal spyware. Ad-Aware is definitely a solid offering, but I prefer SpyBot. If you would like to check out Ad-Aware, you can read about it and find a download link here:

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