Dominos Brookyln style pizza review

Domino’s pizza is now advertising a new “Brookyln style” pizza. I’m a big fan of dthin crust or east coast style pizza, so we decided to order up a couple pies to try out their new offering. We were able to easily order online at Their web-based ordering system is pretty easy to navigate and you can even pick from a list of online coupons when ordering. We clicked through some ordering pages, filled out a contact number, address and payment info, and then started the waiting game for delivery.

The pizza arrived about 40 minutes later, a little bit longer than their 23 – 33 minute estimate that was displayed to us online. I grabbed my cheese pizza and started to dig in. The Dominos Brooklyn style is a suprisingly tasty pizza. The crust was very thin and the amount of sauce and cheese included made for a great pizza. Perhaps a little bit more cheese would have made it an even better pizza, but I did not order “extra cheese” after all. I have to say, this has got to be my new favorite mainstream, large pizza company pizza. You see, I’m not a big fan of the PizzaHut’s or Domino’s of the world, but this is a pretty good tasting pizza. If you’ve never tried a “east coast style” pizza, then I would encourage you to give Domino’s Brooklyn style a try.

But let me get something straight, Domino’s Brooklyn style is definitely NOT a replacement for a true small shop good quality pizzeria pizza. If you’re looking for one of the best pizza’s in the valley, I recommend checking out LUNA pizza, a small shop with two locations in north Phoenix. Luna has pizza down to an art form with great tasting sauce, a delicious crust and the perfect amount of cheese per pizza. Luna is my current favorite pizza in the Phoenix valley.

Have you tried Dominos Brooklyn style? Do you have a favorite pizzeria? Let me know by replying to this article.

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