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Many friends and associates ask me for advice on AntiVirus software. It is common for computer manufacturers to bundle Norton AntiVirus or McAfee AntiVirus trial versions along with new computers. But guess what? These trial versions expire and the programs are soon asking you for your money in order to maintain a virus definition subscription service! Should you renew these services and pay for a virus definition subsciption? My answer is No! So what AntiVirus software should you use?

There are a few AntiVirus programs that you can find online for no cost. These programs take zero money out of your pocket and they will still protect your computer against viruses. My recommended picks are below. Both of these products offer daily virus definition updates and “on-access” real-time virus scanning. The best part is, they’re 100% free!

GriSoft AVG AntiVirus FREE edition:

Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic:

Other Tips:
Make sure to completely uninstall Norton or McAfee products, preferably before you install AVG or Avira AntiVir. Running two different AntiVirus programs simultaneously can cause conflicts on your computer.

Schedule a weekly full system virus scan at a time when you will not normally be using your computer. Example: 3AM on a Sunday.

Regularly backup important files. There is no AntiVirus product that is 100% effective. To protect against data corruption or loss, make a backup of critical files on a routine basis.

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2 Comments on “Top Free AntiVirus programs”

  1. hello, i sure liked your tip “bout antivirus programs,
    right now i”ve only trojan killer 1.1 just for emer-
    gency, i had nod32, but uninstalled because it was too
    timeconsuming to check everything. what”s yr tip:
    norton or avg? avg or antivir? avg or avast? norton or
    avast? i had avast home edition but uninstalled. what do
    you say “bout nod32? there”re also sygate&macaffe. i”ve
    never been really satisfied with antivirus protection
    offered, any way to find out a antivirus program 100%
    satisfactory? truly yrs, dimitry.

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