Blockbuster online HD DVD problems

Blockbuster online HD DVD problems
Last month, Blockbuster announced that they are expanding their high definition selection to 1,450 additional stores by adding Blu-ray format movies. This retail store high definition expansion did not include HD DVD.

Many high definition enthusiasts and analysts saw this announcement as a major blow for the HD DVD format, but it is worth noting that Blockbuster also stated that they will continue to rent HD DVD’s in their initial 250 high definition stores and through their Blockbuster online service.

I am a long time member of Blockbuster online and I find their HD DVD selection and service to be quite problematic. So, even though they are “still supporting” HD DVD, it is far from ideal. Here is a screenshot showing some of the HD DVD titles in my queue.


Letters from Iwo Jima just changed from a status of “Coming Soon” to a status of “Long Wait” today, which means that Blockbuster online did not have this title available until around July 6th, even though it was released on May 22nd! The other three titles were released on June 26h, and they are still not available through Blockbuster online. Freedom, Vol. 1 is actually a twin format HD DVD/DVD, so the ‘DVD’ classification is technically incorrect.

I am also interested in renting District B13 on HD DVD. The DVD version of the title is listed on Blockbuster online with a status of “NA”, while the HD DVD version is completely missing. This title was released May 22nd on HD DVD.

Another title that is surprisingly missing from Blockbuster online is “Heroes Season 1”. This title will appear in high definition exclusively on the HD DVD format, but it is not listed anywhere on Blockbusters’ website. Blockbuster typically allows you to “save” movies that are not yet out, but will be released in the near future. This one isn’t a big complaint, because they just may have this available once it gets closer to the release date.

So with all these HD DVD titles missing, what’s up Blockbuster? Stop supporting HD DVD half-assed and start picking up all the titles on the release date, just like their DVD counterparts. What do you think of Blockbusters’ HD DVD selection and service? Comment here or on DVDRentalForums.

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