DVD Wes Novack on 08 Jul 2007

The DualDisc CD/DVD flipper

The DualDisc CD/DVD flipper
The DualDisc is primarily a music CD product that contains DVD “video extras”. This disc format is a standard audio CD on one side, with a standard DVD on the other side (flipper).

So far, this format has been mainly used for music albums, allowing the artist to include bonus video and audio materials on the DVD flip side. DualDisc could also be used primarily as a DVD product, with the movie soundtrack or other audio extras on the flipper CD side.

A DualDisc should be able to play in any standard CD player or DVD player, so no “new” equipment is required. Here is a video from YouTube that showcases the possibilities of the DualDisc.

[youtube SmbzA0n1ACc]

I liked the promo video, but personally, I do not own any DualDisc format discs. Generally I try to avoid any type of flipper discs due to their many shortcomings. Flipper discs are usually higher priced, easier to scratch or damage, lack disc art and have other miscellaneous problems. This is also why I dislike HD DVD combo discs. Do you own any DualDiscs and if so, what do you think of the format?

2 Responses to “The DualDisc CD/DVD flipper”

  1. on 11 Jul 2007 at 5:40 PM 1.Steve said …

    I have a Keane DualDisc and I like it.

  2. on 11 Jul 2007 at 9:32 PM 2.Wesley Novack said …

    Yes, but would you rather have a separate single-sided CD and DVD instead of the double-sided flipper?

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