Blockbuster to add video game rentals online

Blockbuster to add video game rentals online

Blockbuster logoPerhaps done in part to make their online rental service more attractive than Netflix, Blockbuster Total Access rentals by mail will begin testing video game rentals in the second quarter of this year.

Video games would arrive by mail from your game queue, and they can be returned to a local Blockbuster store for a half-priced game rental. What hasn’t been announced is if this service will bear a subscription fee on top of the regular subscription. I would assume it does.

Blockbuster has been trying to play catch up to Netflix for a while now, recently releasing their own set top receiver for video rentals. The difference there is Netflix includes unlimited streaming video while Blockbuster charges per title. Netflix does not have video game rentals and there is no indication they will enter that market.

GameFly is the most popular by mail game rental service, and their subscription starts at $15.95 per month.

What do you think? Would you consider using Blockbuster’s Total Access video game rental service?

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6 Comments on “Blockbuster to add video game rentals online”

  1. #1) I believe that I read Blockbuster will charge $5 extra per month for the add-on game rentals.

    #2) Netflix has promoted Gamefly on their envelopes recently, so I doubt they have any intention of entering the game rental arena.

  2. This is a joke to real gamers.

    Way Too Little…..TOO LATE blockbuster.

    Since when did they care about gamers? Gamefly’s 2 games at a times is killer, I’m not about to change.

  3. Gamefly 2 out at a time costs $22.95 per month. Blockbuster 2 out a time (video games OR movies) will supposedly be $21.99/month with 5 instore movie exchanges per month or $18.99 per month with zero instore exchanges. I can see why some might switch off of Gamefly and on to Blockbuster.

  4. From what I read, it’s 21.99 + $5 for 1 game out at a time. So that’s $27 for 1 game out?! Movie heavy, and blockbuster has had much a game selection. I could do Gamefly and Netflix for that price.

  5. Nope, I already added the $5 game premium into the $21.99 total. Blockbuster charges $16.99 for 2 movies out at a time with 3 free instore move exchanges per month (I just checked the plans on Supposedly you can add games by mail to the plans for just $5 extra.

  6. I will definately try the blockbuster service. We just got a wii after christmas and we joined gamefly to try out games before buying, they are SLOWWWWWWW to ship! They send an email saying they received games back and it is 3-4 days before they send an email stating they’ve sent the next ones, then another 3-4 days to receive them.

    customer service says it’s because I only have high demand games in my Q, but I had a mixture of all availablility levels, including 3 that said “high availablility”.

    The $24 per month is a rip if you’re only getting one turnover a month, would be cheaper to drive to blockbuster and rent for 8.50 at that rate! I can’t wait for blockbuster to do games online…I’ve always been very happy with the movie service!

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