Blu-ray player shortage

Blu-ray player shortage

Blu-ray Disc logoI just received word from one of the nation’s largest A/V distributors that Blu-ray players are in short supply and is expected to be tight throughout the second quarter. Currently they’re only able to ship Samsung Blu-ray and combo players, and the LG combo player. All other players are sold out.

There could be a couple of reasons for this, in my opinion. 1) The holiday season was stronger than expected, or 2) the manufacturers are preparing for their spring release of the new BD1.1 and BD2.0 players. Whatever the case, this shortage may affect the sales numbers for Blu-ray over the next couple of months as this particular distributer serves the majority of A/V retailers and installers.

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6 Comments on “Blu-ray player shortage”

  1. After doiong a search on the internets for “Blu-ray player” Something tells me there are plenty to go around… every site I check even has the things on sale! *rolls eyes*

    Who is this “one of the nation’s largest A/V distributors” ? Or is this some sort of a confidential exchange. I can’t figure out the need for secrecy for this announcement.

  2. This wasn’t an announcement, and it was not a public note. Anyone in the industry, as I am, can verify this information because – as I said – the majority of A/V retailers and installers use this distributer.

    Big-box stores and major retailers buy in bulk, and these smaller retailers and installers simply don’t have the buying power that Best Buy might have, so they use distributors like this to compete in the market.

    Of course you can see that is out of stock of all Blu-ray players except the Sharp, and Crutchfield is also out of stock of most of their BD players

    At some point people are going to have to trust me. I get insider information of the sort I can’t divulge sources. I remember when I reported on the Samsung BDP-2400 being a canceled product and everyone said I made it up, that is until Samsung came out and said it was canceled later on.

  3. This information totally wrong! Your sound for the fever of HD-DVD, and give people wrong information. There is more than what you think of BD-players in the markets these days then ever before. If you like HD player please do us a fever and just talk about HD and how much you hope this format will win over blu-ray.

  4. This isn’t wrong information. Thanks for playing. Try again when you know the facts.

  5. I just got back from a visit to 1 big box store and 2 local TV/stereo stores. I found a grand total of 2 Blu-Ray players in the under-$700 range. Sure seems like a shortage to me.

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