Blu-ray Steven Kippel on 17 Jan 2008

Blu-ray reaches to new heights

Blu-ray reaches to new heights

Blu-ray Disc logoLions Gate’s recent film 3:10 to Yuma didn’t do remarkably better than Universal’s The Kingdom at the box office, but the week following Warner’s Blu-ray announcement it did over ten times better on high-def. This is according to Home Media Magazine citing VideoScan numbers. In fact, Blu-ray did so much better than HD DVD in the first full week of 2008 that the format took 85% of the high-def market. Not one HD DVD made it to the top ten for the week.

This makes a new record for Blu-ray, and certainly feeds the fires of the BD fanboy camp. To be sure, it was definitely not a great week for the HD DVD fanboys.

If sales like this continue, it will look like a cold, dark 2008 for Toshiba.

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