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Blu-ray replication out-pacing DVD

Blu-ray replication out-pacing DVD

SingulusOur friendly neighborhood Blu-ray spinster Scott Hettrick has posted a press release from Singulus Technologies claiming the demand for dual-layer Blu-ray Disc replicators has surpassed DVD replicator demand at the same compatible age.

Singulus told their stockholders they received orders for 21 Blu-ray dual layer machines in the 1st quarter of 2008.

“This means that the orders for Blu-ray in the first year of the dual layer technology already by far exceeded the volume at the start of the DVD eleven years ago with 17 machines.”

Obviously Scott takes this to mean Blu-ray’s future is bright, however the electronics market is much larger now than when DVD was first released, and clearly the home video and optical storage media markets were much smaller a decade ago. So while the straight numbers show higher sales, the market share is certainly much less.

What is also not mentioned is how much of the DVD replication market share Singulus had back then compared to how much of the Blu-ray Disc replication market share now. If I’m not mistaken, Singulus is one of the few machine suppliers for Blu-ray.

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